The Ocean

At the farthest end of Ciudad Comercial Grande, the biggest expanse in the World of Plaza, lies a big, continuous stretch of water, clear and tidy in the summer months, green and yucky in winter.
The Ocean has been a source of countless adventures, joy and fun for the inhabitants of Tierras Mágicas on their frequent summer trips to the waters on their shared Victorian ship, as well as the passageway to the howling cave of Cartucho, the mysterious, gentle monster residing at the bottom of a massive dark cave.
The fun summer days and merrymaking at the shores and depths of the oceans were tainted, though, by the tragedy of The Tempest, a catastrophic meeting between the Canterburians and the All-Mighty, that culminated with the dissapearance of Knight Sebastián.  

The Lair of Cartucho

The Lair of Cartucho by Naelin
Sitting at surface level right next to the deepest area of the ocean lies the entrance to a dark cave. It stays quiet for most of the year, but in the summer times, loud, rumbling, gurgling sounds accompanied by a constant hum can be heard coming from it at various times of the day, often once a day.
They come from a legendary beast known as Cartucho, a monster that allegedly lies at the bottom of the cave and wakes up with the clearing of the waters.
No one has seen him, but everybody agrees on a basic premise: He is benevolent, kind, and extremely shy.   All-mighties, especially the small ones, are often seen screaming into the cave entrance for Cartucho to come forward, but not even they managed to make the monster show himself. However, he seems to enjoy the calls, or so the Clan of Elementalis say.  

The Tempest

A well remembered hot night of summer saw the Canterburians camping at the ocean shores on their ship after a day of adventures. Activities had ended for the night for the clicks, and though much noise and movement could still be heard around, the Queen and her people set to sleep for the night.   When they woke up, they were in the middle of the ocean, being thrashed about by a dozen of frenzied All-Mighties, their enormous hands grabbing at them with little care and throwing them long distances back and forth. The ship was partially sunk and repeatedly taken back to the surface, and all Canterburians braced for the worst.
  The clicks managed to survive without major injuries and, bruised and exhausted, regrouped to make their way back to Tierras Mágicas. All except for one.  
Knight Sebastián by Naelin

Where is Sebastián?

The Ocean was, predictably, the first place scoured for the missing Knight of Canterbury.
The clicks requested the help of the water elementalis to swim down to the bottom of the sea and fly above the shores, but every litre of water and every plant on the shore was accounted for without any trace of the hero.
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