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Magnetar Modyr by Naelin
While toys come in a big variety of standard and non-standard shapes and forms, the click is one of the most recognizable and successful species in the World of Plaza and in Tierras Mágicas.   The clicks are on a scale of 1:24, which is considered "medium" by toy standards. The common human click is 7.3cm tall, making them bigger than the most common elementalis size, and way smaller than massive size.
The scale and size of clicks is informally known as the "Canterburian scale".  


Clicks are a species of simple features that saw an evolution in their physical aspect around the time of the fall of Tierras Mágicas and the spacefaring age.  


The humanoid click comes in three sizes: Common, dwarven and child. The first two differ only in the length of their legs, shorter in the dwarf, while the child is a scaled-down version of the common click. All three sizes have male and female variants.  
A female click
A male click
Human clicks have spherical heads, claw-posed hands and a hip joint that makes a characteristic clicking sound when they sit, giving the species its name.
Their shapes have generally little definition, with their faces consisting only of a smile and two circular eyes. However, both human and horse clicks have massive amounts of physical variation between each other, with each human click having different hairstyle and facial hair shapes and colours, different (largely non-exchangeable) clothing and accessories, and even different skin colour.  


A Canterburian Knight by Naelin
The horse click is a very numerous subspecies of click.   The original Tierras Mágicas' horse had very little body definition, with almost no variation in shape. Their facial details consisted only of two depressions for eyes, and their legs were just four plain sticks.
Newer click horses have much more shapely bodies, with hooves, detailed eyes and nostrils and separate manes and tails.
Almost all horse clicks have their backs shaped in a way that allows human clicks to ride them with or without a saddle.   Horse clicks both old and newer come with lots of variations in shape and pattern. Old ones only varied in colours, while newer ones have also different patterns of manes and tails, and even slight body shape variations.  

Other subspecies

Clicks also come in dozens of other animal forms, including some mythical ones such as dragons. Some common forms include dogs, mice and wyvern.
These animal forms also experienced a shape evolution in recent years, gaining more detail and especially variation.  

Click evolution

About the same time as the fall of Tierras Mágicas and just in time for the clicks' population explosion in the spacefaring age, the species experienced an evolutionary leap in both physical appearance and technological prowess in their very slowly progressing history.
While the Canterburians had to make do with what they could get from the land and had looked all more or less the same, the Lions of Vintiver enjoy a lot of variation and the capacity to manufacture dozens of items and cover as many professions.
Most notably, the old clicks in the World of Plaza had all the same hairstyle, with downward spike patterns for males and single, rounder ram-horn shaped spikes on each side of the head for females.
Spacefaring clicks enjoy almost limitless hair shapes and more detailed chests.  


Parts Bank by Naelin
The click is a kind of creature whose anatomy is perfectly fit for them to manufacture items that are adapted to the use of any individual human, horse, or even in some cases other animals.
Interchangeable implements of all kinds and themes have been created in recent years to alter the clicks' outer looks, such as helmets, hats, haircuts, armour or bracelets.
But things get trickier when altering something more basal, such as the clothing, weight, skin tone or facial expression. A click needs to be dismembered for such a radical transformation: A gruesome, unthinkable procedure by the standards of the old Tierras Mágicas, that had become commonplace in the times of The Lions of Vintiver.
Sometimes, little changes can be achieved without permanently killing a click, such as in the case of Johan the Bard. In other cases, the resulting chimaera is so unique and alien that the originating parts can barely be recognized.
The Canterburian Royal Family
Medium (1:24)
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
7.5cm (Human)
9cm (Horse)
Related Ethnicities

Click factions


Shield of Canterbury
The Canterburians were regarded as the most organized and economically prosperous of all of the many factions in Tierras Mágicas. The click people occupied the biggest and mightiest structure on the whole World of Plaza and organized under what was known as the Kingdom of Canterbury, ruled by Queen Laura.

Animal Smuggler Pirates

The first click faction to appear after the fall of Plaza was a group of pirates that found a lucrative trade in the smuggling of exotic animals by hoarding them on a makeshift facility by their click-manufactured docks and trading them to the point of affording what became a small fleet of ships.
While they are still around, the smuggling business seems to have dwindled down to a minimum.


Crime doesn't exist if there isn't a law to name it so. The main cause of the decline of pirate activity was the raise of the sailoring faction, born to bring back the legacy of The Ship in the form of a bigger, better, but distinctively similar vessel called Brutal, a Class 5135 Galleon the likes of which no citizen of Tierras Magicas would ever have dreamed of possessing.
The sailor faction is divided into red-coated and blue-coated individuals, the first of whom generally occupy higher positions, though both work together abroad in their marvel of click engineering.

Lions of Vintiver

Lions of Vintiver Shield
by Naelin
After the fall of the World of Plaza and the Canterburians, the faction that took the spot for the knightly endeavours was the populous, well-rounded Lions of Vintiver, led by an adventuring party under the same name.
The Lions of Vintiver formed after the Pirate and Sailor factions, and don't interact much with them.
They are, though, the only faction that keeps interplanetary travel as an active adventuring endeavour instead of a last-minute resort when planetary instability strikes.    

Victorian clicks

In a time when the powerful Canterburians were still a very small demography, the Clan of Elementalis discovered that the World of Victoria hosted a comparatively gargantuan population of clicks with a vast richness of technology and material possessions.
However, the Victorian clicks were a very reclusive faction that never established a relationship with the people of Tierras Mágicas.
Some artefacts from Victorian click origins were sent to Plaza through the far friendlier faction of Victorian elementalis and survive to this day.

Cover image: The Lions of Vintiver's Castle by Naelin


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