The Lions of Vintiver

A Canterburian Knight by Naelin
The World of Plaza has fallen, and the Kingdom of Canterbury is no more. So what awaited for the clicks after the year 2016 of the All-Mighty?
For a time it was piracy, very lucrative piracy: Smuggling exotic animals, hoarding them right next to the docks and trading them to the point of affording big ships, bigger than the old and loved Ship from Plaza.
Then a more righteous naval faction came to set the record straight.
But the true legacy of the Canterburians was yet to come, and it did by late 2017 of the All-Mighty, with a growing group of medieval knights and blacksmiths cluttering around a small castle corner. And then, four fearsome feisty fighters founded a faction full of fortunes and also a dragon.  

The Lions of Vintiver Proper

The Lions of Vintiver are led by a group of adventurers known as The Lions of Vintiver. They admit this to be a confusing naming situation, but their knights have come to accept it as just a minor oddity in light of everything else.
Many would question how do The Lions manage to multiply their ranks and riches so effectively while being so seemingly stupid, and they would be right to make such a question.
But the difference between The Lions and the knights under their command is that the latter are smart enough not to ask about it.  


An elven man of questionable morals and generally questionable everything. Magnetar has a marked obsession with eyes and walks around with a disturbing jar full of them tied to his waist. As with many other elves he has facial tattoos, in his case forming a pattern of delicate arrows pointing to his own eyes.   He is known for his cowardice, egoism, and his slightly overpowered magical ability to make everyone around him instantly fall to their feet.


A very big man with grey skin, a long mane of dreadlocks and what used to be a pair of horns that glow when he's highly excited or angry, though one of them has broken apart leaving only the base. Ivar doesn't seem to have noticed this, though, as he insists that, if anything, maybe the glowy bit has chipped away.   Ivar has some difficulties with the language of the Vintiverians, often mixing words with different ones, and having to rely on Magnetar to translate conversations to and from him.   Ivar is a great warrior that charges into battle with Love, Tenderness and Compassion.
Ivar Qun by Naelin


A sneaky dwarf woman with a penchant for poisons. She is easily distinguishable by her glorious ginger beard and a couple of facial tattoos.   Asta tried for a while to abandon her crossbow and daggers in search of a calmer life as a merchant, but the adventuring life has exploded quite directly on top of her again recently.   She is a more reserved person than the rest of her party, but do not let that fool you into thinking she is any more clever.
Asta Gundaar by Naelin


A white puppy with a brown belly under the command of Ivar.   She is a fearsome big-bodied war breed dog, though she has been a bit lacking in the fight training department, as her owner is slightly overprotective of her.

Manchita by Naelin

  Rumours of a new Lion of Vintiver under the name of "Ankatu" arose months ago, but he has not yet made an appearance on the castle's ground. The knights have heard him referred to as an "elfn't" with little regard to the potential side effects of his magical abilities and very in-tune with the group's tendency to find orphans of various kinds on the road.  

Other Notable Vintiverians


A blood mage elf with white hair and a bit of a creepy vibe to him. Magnetar seems to have a close, but undisclosed relationship with him. He is missing most of one ear, has a tattooed face and tends to keep himself in the shadows.  


An elf woman that rides a massive, majestic elk and knows her way with a bow and arrows. The lady is an impressive sight, always followed by this wonderful beast, but The Lions claim that she tends to be more than a bit useless at the end of the day.  


A talented bard that plays the fiddle at the castle's courtyard behind a humble tips cup, which is usually full of shiny coins. He is a beloved, inspiring sight, and has a distinctive metal bracelet on one arm with an unknown significance.  

A Dragon???

A big area of the castle's courtyard is occupied by a green dragon with glowing claws and teeth. The Lions claim to have killed it when it dove down flying upon them and Magnetar made it crash with his wizardly magics, and then made armours and rations for themselves with the body, but they will refuse to explain how is that possible when the beast is very much alive and demanding food on a regular basis.   The dragon seems pretty quiet as long as he has a couple of cow carcasses to play with, and is generally taken care of by either one of the black knights, or by a Vintiverian archer.  

The Castle of Vintiver

The Lions of Vintiver's Castle by Naelin
The Lions of Vintiver gather around their humble castle's courtyard. The castle's walls are decorated with shields and protected by archers and catapults, and the courtyard is fitted with a small market containing a blacksmith, a potter, an alchemist and a clothier, and shadowed areas that will provide you with contacts to get solutions to your darker conundrums.
Knights parade themselves with their pennants and shields around The Lions, and the place is usually very active with people practising archery, petting massive dragons, visiting the faction on top of camels, developing romances, sharing ale, playing the fiddle and spilling the latest tea.
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Did someone say "Lions of Vintiver"?

It is unclear whether they are hard-wired that way, or if it is just an odd tradition.
One thing is sure: If you dare mention even in casual conversation the name of the adventuring group, each of The Lions will immediately, automatically strike a pose.   From the uncomfortablest looking spine-twisting artistic licencing to the famous dab, The Lions of Vintiver will not leave any courier or questgiver unimpressed.
An All-Mighty's hand by Naelin
Magnetar Modyr by Naelin

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