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Out of the many toy factions that formed the political ecosystem of Tierras Mágicas, the Canterburians were regarded as the most organized and economically prosperous.   The click people occupied the biggest and mightiest structure on the whole World of Plaza and organized under what was known as the Kingdom of Canterbury.
While Canterbury eventually fell alongside the many other factions in Plaza, their legacy carried on to the Lions of Vintiver, the only truly surviving nation originating from Plaza's Breath-of-Life.  

Physical aspect

A female click
A male click
Clicks were simpler creatures in the times of the Canterburians.
Humans and horses were the only two types of click found in Plaza, both with fairly indistinct features by today's standards. Their eyes and lips were dark brown or black, and their skin pale ivory.   Canterburians dressed in plain clothing and very rarely wore any accessories.

Values and Ideals

Knight Sebastián by Naelin
The Canterburians were a knightly people, known for their constant efforts to keep dangerous creatures such as the geyser snakes at bay to protect all citizens of Tierras Mágicas.  
by Naelin
They never conceded themselves to brokenness, and always searched for ways to keep their people going strong despite their physical misfortunes. Canterburians also praised character and willpower above condition or age.   These cultural characteristics were exemplified by their lively queen, Laura, whose force of will, kindness and wit were recognized worldwide despite her short age, getting her to be elected as queen even by her adult parents.   While they were generally regarded as a positive and benevolent nation, the drive Canterburians had towards diplomacy, technological progress and inclusion sometimes made them patronise others, or commit to experimentation that led to morally questionable results.

Technological and Economical Prowess

While they were nowhere near the level of Micro City, the Canterburians enjoyed a prosperous economy and technological level.
  Their castle contained a treasury of fine metals and other goods they used as currency to exchange for resources on the neighbouring Ciudad Comercial Chica and, while they usually shared its use with their allies the Clan of Elementalis, they held the claim of The Ship that allowed them to venture into the Ocean.   Their technology was medieval in nature, but what it lacked in modernity it made for in ingenuity. The Canterburians were the first toys to dabble into customization and the creation of chimeras when they tried a radical treatment for a man afflicted with brokenness on the legs: They joined his upper half with the torso of a mortally headless horse, creating a centaur man known as Courser.


Canterburians were among the first organized peoples to be given the Breath-of-Life in the recorded history of Tierras Mágicas. Unlike other nations, their numbers didn't change much during the course of their history, but they grew in culture, assets and wealth.   During the year 2003 of the All-Mighties, the clicks occupied the massive natural tower of Tierras Mágicas as their castle, claiming the founding of the Kingdom of Canterbury.
After a short adaptation period, they elected the young Laura as their leader and queen.   Canterbury quickly became Tierras Mágicas' knightly defenders, renowned for fighting off the local geyser snakes and invading monsters alike.   The World of Victoria was discovered the same year of the formation of the Kingdom, leading eventually to the acquisition of The Ship, then barely an Ocean-worthy vessel, who they shared with the Clan of Elementalis. Both nations worked on the reconstruction of the torn-down ship, adding new masts, rigging and castle.  
Knight Sebastián by Naelin
On the 24th of January of the year 2004 of the All-Mighty, a hot summer day, the Canterburians enjoyed a recreational trip to The Ocean on The Ship and decided to stay the night on the beach, under the safety of the Ship's cabin.
That was the fateful night of The Tempest.
At least a dozen wanderer All-Mighties had gathered inside The Ocean for a frenzied party, ripping The Ship from her anchor and taking the clicks out of her belly to thrash them about and pass them violently from hand to hand.   Then the wanderer All-Mighties were gone.   All the clicks regrouped, except for one. The famous Knight Sebastián, favourite of the Queen, had disappeared.
  The knight's disappearance marked the start of the decline of the Kingdom of Canterbury. Broken with grief, the Queen and her people went through many attempts to find him, escalating in complexity and desperation.
A Faerie by Naelin
After many failed methods were tried, the Queen herself climbed the castle to meet The Faeries at the top and get a miracle granted.
They told her to find a vessel to transfer Sebastiáns' soul into, as his body could not be returned.
A loyal subject offered himself to be sacrificed for the task, as he decided it was worth it to get the joy back to the Queen's face.
This was the final attempt at recovering the knight and, like all before, it failed. Sebástian's essence seemed to come back to this new body, but something was off and uncomfortable. As time passed, he was less and less himself, until eventually only a husk was left.   Neither the Queen nor the kingdom recovered from that last hit. Their knightly protectorate shrivelled until almost disappearing right until Tierras Mágicas was abandoned.   Two years after The Sacrifice, in 2007, the Cantarburians offered an unused part of their massive castle for the Lead Knights to inhabit, establishing a close alliance with them.   The downfall of Tierras Mágicas started three years afterwards, in 2010, with the grasslands drying and turning into hard terracota.
Soon after this was followed by the loss of The Ship as the Victorian All-Mighties claimed her back, and finally the last blow to the Nation of Canterbury with the exodus as the World of Plaza was finally abandoned.   The clicks resurged as new space-travelling powers, divided originally between the animal smuggler pirates, the renaissance sailors and, finally, the lion knights, the least of whom were soon coopted by The Lions of Vintiver, the now leading power amongst the descendants of the peoples of Plaza. Through their knightly heritage, the Lions consider themselves as the direct and cultural true descendants of the Canterburians, and try to honour them in their folklore and values.
Toy Horse
Encompassed species
Related Organizations

What Came After

The Canterburian civilization was already on its death throes when Tierras Mágicas came tumbling down.   Unexpectedly, the exodus from the crumbling, drying world proved incredibly auspicious for the hardy clicks.
Descendants of the Canterburians multiplied at never before seen rates, and acquired technologies in amounts unimaginable for what once were the richest civilization on the World of Plaza, thanks to the riches and resources the new lands provided.   The most prominent click nation is now The Lions of Vintiver, a society of knights and mages commanded by an oligarchy under the same name.
The Canterburian Royal Family

Renowned Canterburians

While Queen Laura and Knight Sebastián are the most remembered in today's history, Canterburians had a wealth of exceptional individuals.
Their trusty horses included Sebastian's steed Blacky and Pechan, chosen ride of Laura's mum. Laura's royal family included her mum, her dad and her grandma. One cannot forget mentioning the unclassifiable Courser who, besides having trascended as a technological hallmark, was also renowned as a loyal and trustworthy knight.  
Transferred Sebastián by Naelin
History has unfortunately not recorded the name of the man simply known as "The Sacrifice", a loyal knight that offered his own body to be the vessel of the ultimately failed miracle offered by The Faeries to bring back Sebastián.

Cover image: Kingdom of Canterbury Banner
  • 1993

    26 February

    The World Of Plaza's Breath-of-Life All-Mighty is born

    As per toy's calculations based on birthday parties and comparative analysis, this would be the date where the World of Plaza's very own Breath-of-Life All-Mighty was born, an incomprehensible amount of time ago.

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  • 2003


    The Canterbury Castle is Occupied

    The Canterburians took refuge in the biggest building in the World of Plaza, a massive tower henceforth known as the Canterbury Castle, and proclaimed the beginning of the Kingdom of Canterbury.   They occupied the castle until the toy nations abandoned Tierras Mágicas in search of other worlds.

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  • 2003


    Laura is proclaimed queen of Canterbury
    Life, Career

    With the occupation of the tower that became the Canterbury Castle, the clicks claimed the formation of their Kingdom of Canterbury.   They elected the young Laura to become their queen. She led her people through prosperous times with wit and kindness until the tragedy of the tempest started the kingdom's decline.
    Still, her people were loyal to her until the fall of Tierras Mágicas, when their nation dissolved.

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  • 2003


    Courser is assembled
    Scientific achievement

    A radical treatment of brokenness resulted on a loyal and resilient abomination known as the first case of customization in the World of Plaza.

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  • 2003


    The Ship arrives in the world of Plaza
    Technological achievement

    The Elementalis native from the World of Victoria decided to send an impressive but very out of shape ship to the World of Plaza, as Victoria lacked any extensive body of water.   The Clan of Elementalis from Plaza requested help from the Kingdom of Canterbury to put it back on shape, and since then the elementalis of both worlds and the Canterburians enjoyed the seaworthy ship in The Ocean up until the Victorian All-Mighty claimed it back.

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  • 2004

    24 January

    The Tempest ocurrs
    Disaster / Destruction
    The Ocean
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    The Tempest
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  • 2005


    The Sacrifice
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    The last ditch attempt at saving Knight Sebastián went terribly wrong when the miracle offered by The Faeries to bring back the Knight's soul and depositing it into someone else's body resulted on a half-conscious husk of a person that faded away slowly.   This event was considered to be the biggest shame of the Kingdom of Canterbury and the start of their decline.

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  • 2007


    The Lead People are housed in the Canterbury Castle
    Diplomatic action
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  • 2010



    The Grasslands in Tierras Mágicas dry
    Geological / environmental event
    Tierras Mágicas
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  • 2011

    Victoria claims The Ship, which is never to be seen again
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    The World of Victoria's Breath-of-Life All-Mighty is forced by other, bigger All-Mighties to reclaim The Ship from the World of Plaza.   It is said to have travelled to the world of a different, little Breath-of-Life All-Mighty, but this couldn't be verified.   It was never to be seen again.

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  • 2013

    Tierras Mágicas' soil hardens into terracota
    Geological / environmental event
    Tierras Mágicas
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  • 2014


    The World of Plaza is abandoned
    Population Migration / Travel

    From this day on, the toys from Tierras Mágicas enter the space-faring age, changing from world to world multiple times in a relatively short period of time in search for fertile ground to restart their civilizations.

    World of Plaza
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  • 2018

    18 March

    The Lions of Vintiver take the lead of the clicks
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