An All-Mighty's hand by Naelin
Some people think of them as gods, others as monsters. The World of Plaza and seemingly every other world is filled with free-willed, massive creatures able to come and go from world to world as they please and to manipulate toy's lives and the world to their desires and will. They are henceforth known as the All-Mighty.   Each All-Mighty seems to have their own stance on the life and importance of toys, from some warmth to a level of indifference that can turn into being an active threat to toy life, especially when going on a rampage-like activity that seems to consist on rearranging objects to disarm any progress a toy organization may have achieved on an adventure.
A small minority are directly responsible for the toy's lives and purposes and care for them with nurturing dedication. These are known as the Breath-of-Life All-Mighty.   The worlds seem to have been shaped to an All-Mighty scale, with them using mountains for rest, swimming in oceans to cool down from the summer heat, or being able to pass from continent to continent through the passages between them despite their towering size.  


All-Mighties share a general shape with many toys, including humanoid clicks or Rodrigo.
They are way bigger than any toy could be, reaching almost two meters in height, and it is said that some could have almost reached The Faeries just by stretching their hands. Their clothing changes constantly, and sometimes the shape of their hair does too.   Most toys, however, are not able to distinguish the features of All-Mighties at all and see them only as a luminous, vaguely yellow silhouette, that sometimes seem to skip around in space after periods of being frozen still.
A few ones, notoriously the famous and high-ranking ones, claim to be able to distinguish their colours, facial expressions and fine details.  

The Breath of Life

Why are we alive?
A small portion of the All-Mighty, mostly the little, young ones, are imbued with an ability known as the Breath-of-Life. These little ones are All-Mighties distinguishable by their deep connection to the lifes and adventures of the toys, being in extremely close proximity whenever something important is happening.
This leads most toys to assume these All-Mighties are intrinsically linked to toy's lives and necessary fuel for it.   Not all Breath-of-Life All-Mighties are created equal, and some are crueller than others.
Some worlds are rougher to live in, and the All-Mighties in them seem to be related to the harsher conditions. But the time comes and goes, and as the lifespans of All-Mighties vastly outlast those of most toys, each kingdom and each clan need to learn to live around the towering builders of fate.
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens sapiens
~80 years
Geographic Distribution
Knight Sebastián by Naelin

Where is Sebastián?

After all what one can wonder about Sebastián's fate, it is important to remember that The Tempest was caused by a group of All-Mighties, with each one's free will to be accounted for.   After Tierras Mágicas fell and the World Of Plaza became a chaotic, lifeless desert, the descendants of the Canterburians that colonized other worlds more or less settled on the conclusion that the knight was abducted by an All-Mighty to fulfill some monstruous purpose.   Whether the entire tempest was a device to capture the valiant knight is anyones' guess.
Breath-of-Life and the Toy Lifecycle
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Dec 30, 2022

Being alive is not clear cut for the toy people. How does it happen?

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