The Ship

A seaworthy vessel from a world with no sea

After the World of Plaza dried and fell, and the surviving toys entered the age of interplanetary travel, the building of big (massive even) ships became commonplace.
Clicks worked hard to follow and make truth the dream of assembling a Class 5135 Pirate Ship, the impressive Brutal, and added her to the growing fleet of space-faring, sea-worthy ships.
But the Class 5135 was not in the clicks minds solely out of her (admittedly wondrous) beauty and majesty, but out of historical nostalgia. The clicks wanted to rebuild the past, and improve on it. The clicks wanted to pay homage to the original Ship.  


The Ship was an old and battered galleon, originally from click scale and manufacturing, with two masts and a total of three sails upon reconstruction. She was armed with two beautiful above-deck black cannons, and counted with a crane for the loading and unloading of goods, and wheels under her hull to enable her to be move on land.
She lacked a figurehead.   The Ship had been reconstructed many years after her initial constructions, so her back mast, half of the front one, castle, bowsprit, ratlines, and the entirety of the rigging and sails were added afterwards and were different from her original plans.  


Victorian Vessel

The year 2003 of the All-Mighty bought with it the discovery of a new world and with it new people, cultures and technologies.   The Clan of Elementalis found strong allies in the World of Victoria, inhabited by a nation of elementalis of its own.
After some time of mutual exchange and interplanetary travel, the Victorian elementalis revealed an incredible but unused treasure: They had in their possession a massive, seaworthy vessel, but they had no seas in their world.
The hot months were approaching, and having learned about Plaza's ocean, the Victorian elementalis decided to travel with their ship.   Adventures were had between both planet's creatures on multiple occasions, but The Ship was difficult to carry from world to world, and many entire years of misuse, and the apparent handling by several consecutive Breath-of-Life All-Mighties had taken a toll on her...  


The Victorians eventually signed a treaty with Plaza's Clan of Elementalis: They would let The Ship stay in Plaza, but work had to be done to restore her former glory.
They didn't need to do much convincing.   The Clan of Elementalis, with the help of the Kingdom of Canterbury, put their many hands and powers to work, collecting raw materials from both Tierras Mágicas and other areas including even mostly unexplored continents.
After much time and effort (and the accidental loss of the original castle during an interplanetary trip), she was perhaps not as elegant as during her first sail, but certainly more fitting of The Ocean than when she first arrived in Plaza.   Both the clicks and the elementalis would enjoy the use of The Ships for entire years to come.  

The Tempest

The Ship was unfortunately involved in the most tragic incident in the history of Plaza in the 24th of January of 2004, when a pack of wandering All-Mighties gathered inside The Ocean during a summer night, as the Canterburians rested in The Ship's cabin after a day of adventures, unaware of the situation.   She was ripped from her anchor as a tempest of monstrous waves and All-Mighty arms thrashed her around.
The incident lasted full hours of each click desperately clinging to their own breath-of-life, and ended up with the irreparable loss of Knight Sebastián, which is nowadays considered the trigger to the slow and sad decline of the Kingdom of Canterbury.

The All-Mighty claim

With all its ups and downs, The Ship served the Canterburians and the Elementalis of Plaza and Victoria for many years. Things would change in the year 2011 of the All-Mighty, as the toy nations oversaw a terrible situation: The Breath-of-Life All-Mighties of both words were having their hands forced into sending the massive Ship on her last journey: Several bigger All-Mighties, all devoid of breaths-of-life of their own, argued that The Ship must do a trip she had done before into a new world.
Overnight, The Ship was no more. She was never to be seen again.
Never Stop Sinking
Never Stops Sinking by Naelin
3550 Pirate Ship
A trip on the ship by Naelin
The Ocean
Geographic Location | Dec 25, 2022

The largest body of water in the World of Plaza, location of the tragedy of the Tempest

Cover image: The Lions of Vintiver's Castle by Naelin


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