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Kingdom of Canterbury

During the height of the sociopolitical structure of Tierras Mágicas, the kingdom of the clicks was one of the two most important nations in the continent, paralleled only by the Clan of Elementalis, and raised far above it in technological prowess and material wealth.  


The Canterburian Royal Family
The kingdom of Canterbury was led by Queen Laura, a girl elected by her people for her force of will, kindness and wit. She was advised by her parents and grandma and protected by her favourite knight, Sebastián.   The kingdom had five horses, each with a knight they worked with, a centaur and a couple of workers.   The kingdom also provided for several small dragons, the favourite personal pets of the queen, who were tasked with the protection of the treasure.  


Pink Rubber Ducky by Naelin
Second only to Micro City, Canterbury had the most impressive collection of assets in the continent of Tierras Mágicas.   The Kingdom controlled the lower area of the incredibly massive Canterbury Castle, which granted them protection, storage space and direct access to the cavernous routes that led to The Faeries.   In their castle, they held a big treasure of metal coins and trinkets they used as currency to exchange for resources on the neighbouring Ciudad Comercial Chica.
They also had a Pink Rubber Ducky, though it is possible that the Ducky had them instead.   Canterbury also held many vehicles in their possession: They had a Royal chariot, big and beautifully adorned, carried by a non-click horse. On the side of it, a big round metal shield showed the name of the kingdom and a picture of a knight on a horse with a castle in the background.
They also had a wagon of click manufactury, which was in non-ideal shape but still allowed the royal family to traverse difficult terrains with comfort.
Most importantly, the Canterburians owned The Ship, a massive seaworthy click ship used for adventuring in The Ocean, which was often lent for the use of the Clan of Elementalis.  


Shield of the Lead People
Shield of the Elementalis
The Kingdom of Canterbury held a close relationship with the elementalis of the world of Plaza. This proved very fruitful after the discovery of the world of Victoria, as the Victorian elementalis, through their close relationship with the clan of Plaza, provided Plaza with click technology including The Ship herself.   The Canterbury Kingdom also took the decision of offering part of their castle grounds for the use of the Lead Knights, a forever grateful little community.  

What Came After

After the catastrophe of The Tempest in 2004, the Kingdom of Canterbury saw a slow decline over the years, though it managed to stay afloat barely enough to see the end of Tierras Mágicas as its grasslands died, its lakes dried, and its ground turned into solid terracotta.   The story of the Canterburians ended there, though, unexpectedly, the exodus from the crumbling world into the space-faring Age proved auspicious for the hardy clicks.
Descendants of the Canterburians multiplied at never before seen rates and acquired technologies in amounts unimaginable for what once was the wealthiest civilization in the world of Plaza, thanks to the resources the new lands provided.
The most prominent click nation is now The Lions of Vintiver, a society of knights and mages commanded by an oligarchy under the same name.

2003 - 2014

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