Micro City

Sitting on a cliff of a white mount, and overlooking the grasslands expanse of Tierras Mágicas, there was a very technologically well-developed city, by far the biggest one in the continent... but only when put relative to the scale of its inhabitants.   The city was inhabited by extremely small people divided into three familial banners, with every inhabitant wearing the colours of their banner: Red, yellow and orange.  

The City

The mesa where the Micro City stood had a square shape with rounded corners. A wall surrounded the city on all four corners preventing accidents, with a relatively large opening facing the plains, where it was much lower.
A railway ran through the perimeter of the city, right next to the walls, with two strikingly different trains (A brown steam locomotive and a purple bullet train) making the runs non-stop.   The inner city was comprised of several houses, a saloon, a sheriff's house and a general store, some an old-west style. Several cars and heavy machinery delved around the white streets, helping the relocation of structures, which happened with an astounding frequency in the bustling city.  

The Three Banners

Banner of the Gonzalez
Banner of the Garcia
Banner of the Gomez
The inhabitants of the city were divided into three groups: The Gonzalez, represented by the colour red, the García, represented by the colour yellow, and the mixed Gomez, represented by orange.   The reds and yellows were understood to be two powerful and proud groups with a rich family heritage. Professions, trade secrets, businesses and industries were passed from parents to children, and so the different economic areas of the city were usually exclusive to one banner.
Both groups usually only ever formed families with people of the same banner, but, as it always happens with these types of rulings, inevitably some cases of romance happened between individuals of different banners, leading to the creation of the orange banner, both as a way to give them their own identity, and to refuse to recognize the mixed children as part of their parents' original clans.
To reinforce that, those in these inter-banner relationships were usually cast out of their groups and made to join the banner of their children.
Oranges were usually assumed to be lesser, and they would have to find their own trades in life, as passing dorn trade secrets between clans was a harshly punishable taboo. As such, oranges would usually take newly created jobs, become inventors or scientists, or, if lucky, become apprentices of some dying trade of one of the other banners.
"Careful where you step, they are squishy!"
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The Micro people are so small that even for the relatively small-scaled elementalis, they look like little more than brightly coloured speckles of modelling clay.
Despite their advanced technology and architectural expansion, their tiny size made them be largely ignored by the other factions, as they were unable to participate in any sort of small scale diplomacy.

Cover image: The Old West by Chor Tsang


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"The Micro people are so small that even for the relatively small-scaled elementalis, they look like little more than brightly coloured speckles of modelling clay." This is so cute, and the clandestine romances between yellow and reds and their orange children <3