Parts Bank

Lions of Vintiver Shield
by Naelin
After Tierras Mágicas fell and the World of Plaza became a chaotic desert, the descendants of the Canterburians formed The Lions of Vintiver and ammased a material and technological fortune.   An extremely controversial new technology developed by the Lions was what they call customization, known also as reassembling or the making of chimeras.
The technique, called art by some and abomination by others, consists in dissasembling clicks that are deemed dead, useless or broken, and rearranging their parts to form new people that resemble some idea or desired shape.  

The parts bank

In my times, when a click got brokennes, we fixed them.
The Lions of Vintiver hold the power of a big, hideous artefact, a big rectangular storage unit separated into many compartments, each holding many disemboided parts of several clicks for use in any future project for the creation of chimaeras or for transplant on broken clicks.   The parts bank features anything from legs to heads and even clothing items and accessories.
Some people see it as a medical miracle that stores those that would otherwise have disappeared or been traded away by the All-Mighty, while others claim to have seen clicks arrive to the world only to be dismembered shortly thereafter, never to have experienced a full life.   Some of the Lions of Vintiver themselves are made with rearranged spare parts (Some say purposefully harvested for them), skewing the accepted public opinion on the subject.
A heavily customized click made with rearranged parts and prosthetics
Parts Bank by Naelin
Item type
Creation Date
Circa 2018 of the All-Mighty
Owning Organization

The first chimera

Back in the times of the Kingdom of Canterbury, the rearrangements of parts saw its infancy with Courser, the first chimera.   A fatally headless horse and a legless human were stitched together by their joints with wire and given the Breath-of-Life, birthing a functional, resilient abomination.

He was a capable Canterburian and respected among his peers, but even back then people had pity for his terrible condition.

Cover image: Banner Lions of Vintiver by Naelin through Azgaar Armoria


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