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Lion of Vintiver Magnetar Modyr (a.k.a. Crazy Eyes)

Lions of Vintiver Shield
by Naelin

One of the brave heroes that form The Lions of Vintiver is the elven mage Magnetar Modyr, a... coward, egoist, insecure, downright evil man with a penchant for finding how to use people to his advantage regardless of age or condition.   Magnetar is easily distinguishable by his facial tattoos, a series of curvy arrows that point towards his eyes.
And it is eyes what interest Magnetar the most.  

Crazy eyes

The elven mage says his purpose in life is to prove his wild theory:   He believes all magical creatures's eyes are either the conduit or the source of their magic and wants to investigate this claim.   For this purpose, Magnetar collects the eyes of all magical creatures or magic users he can get his hands on (and of some non-magical beasts as well, you know, as a control group. For science.) in a jar with preserving liquid he carries everywhere.

A taste for elven love

Magnetar has been seen associating with Athras, another elven mage with a tattooed face that can be found usually in the surroundings of the Castle of Vintiver, mostly hiding in the shadows.
The other Lions of Vintiver do not trust Athras, though they are convinced that the elven pair are more than friends. Magnetar will deny any accusations in this regard.   He has no problem, though, admitting to a past relationship with Eshara, the elven elk tamer.

What are you looking for, Magnetar?

Magnetar seems, at the very least, disperse about his commitment to his eyes theory.   Though he insists on collecting eyes and can spend hours staring at his jar, he rarely searches for existing information, performs experiments or writes down any finding.   Considering his nature, he doesn't seem to be a person inclined to adventure or heroism of any kind (and, in fact, he usually tries to flee from any dangerous situation), but he will follow the rest of the Lions wherever they go.
Many suspect he has another, more important drive, though no one in the Vintiver Castle knows exactly what this is.   The most observant may notice that his egoist, self-absorbed nature softens a great deal when confronted with situations where siblings are involved.  

Out of universe trivia

We don't use normal minis at my Dragon Age TTRPG table.
This is the Magnetar that embodies my personalized PlayMo each session!   Magnetar Modyr
Chaotic Evil
Light brown
Auburn and long
Aligned Organization
Magnetar Modyr by Naelin

Cover image: Banner Lions of Vintiver by Naelin through Azgaar Armoria
Character Portrait image: Magnetar Modyr by Naelin


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