In the farthest reaches of The Ocean, on the shore of the deepest side and opening just below the surface lies the entrance of a dark, echo-y cave.   It is well known to all inhabitants of Tierras Mágicas that the cave is the home of an ancient, massive, mythical creature called Cartucho, whose rumbling voice can be heard as a constant roar for a few hours a day all through the summer.   Sometimes, the All-Mighties could be heard calling Cartucho to come and show himself, but he never replied to the call or let anything but his deep rumbles be heard, usually only while the ocean was at its calmer.  

A gentle giant

  Little is known about the shape, exact size or behaviour of Cartucho, except for his undeniable good nature and shyness.
He is a filter-feeder, eating the stuff that circulates through the ocean and into the cave, and his presence seems to fill the entire cave.   As the cave sinks into a deep hole, nobody has ever adventured father than a few steps into the entrance, so he has never been actually seen. However, nobody would ever dare to deny either his existence or his benevolence.  
Knight Sebastián by Naelin

Where is Sebastián?

Once Sebastián dissapeared after a tempest caused by a hoard of All-Mighties in The Ocean, the Lair of Cartucho was the obvious place to start looking. Some assumed that he was just lost in the depths of the cavern, others suggested that Cartucho may have eaten him.
The cave was scouted for him, but Queen Laura was quick to shut any stories about Cartucho being an evil creature.
The Lair of Cartucho by Naelin
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Author's Notes

For years and years, my dad would carry me to the deep end of the pool to scream at the entrance of the pool's filter engine calling for Cartucho to come out to play. His name translates just to "cartridge" in Spanish. Dad is weird at naming things.   This article is based on one of TJ Trewin's 400 worldbuilding prompts: "Write about a natural formation in your world with a legendary story behind it. What famous event(s) took place at this spot and who made it so iconic?"

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Oh nooo, RIP Sebastian. I love this world - it's so utterly charming. <3

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Sebastián's disappearance was TRAGIC. He was my favourite Playmobil :(   You will read a lot about him and the efforts put in place to find him.