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Modelling Clay Embedding

Modelling clay is sticky, malleable substance commonly found on Tierras Mágicas.
It was sometimes used as prosthetics to help people and animals with physical conditions or broken parts, but most inhabitants of Tierras Mágicas feared it, as getting it stuck in one's body could mean being forever unable to remove it from oneself, or doing so could discolour or damage one's body, in some rare cases even leading to death.  

The nuisance of yesterday,
the cure of tomorrow

  Modelling clay embedding was, at first, a rampant disease that affected dozens of inhabitants of the land. However with the passing of years, people learned to manage the dangerous substance, turning it into a rudimentary form of prosthetics and fillings for these sufering from Brokenness.   The people from Canterbury benefitted especially from this, with several individuals including their own queen being treated with modelling clay for their physical issues

Micro-City's bless and demise

  The inhabitants of the Micro City were especially vulnerable to modelling clay embedding, as their whole (very small) bodies were made of this same material, putting yhrm under the risk of being melded into chunks of it, or even of melding together, in the event of a dangerous fit of violence from an All-Mighty.   There were fortunately no incidents of this, as the raw form of the material rarely got even close to their domain.   If anything, some theorized that an incident of it could create a new Banner.

Curing Modelling Clay Embedding

People afflicted with old, severe cases of modelling clay embedding required many baths and careful cutting, drilling and chieseling of the material to get it rid from their bodies, though they were rarely able to be completely cured with no lasting effects.  
by Naelin
In some cases, as the technology for prostethics advanced from modelling clay to better materials, people needed careful, not always effective treatment to remove the old prosthetics, as modelling clay embedding gets progressively more difficult to treat as times goes by.
Modelling Clay Embedding kept all of my pieces together, in the most literal of ways
— Queen Laura
Chemical Compound
Chronic, Acquired
Picture of a playmobil katana inside a picture frama
What's left by Naelin

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Jul 5, 2021 20:40 by Simo

This is fantastic. " in the event of a dangerous fit of violence from the All Mighty" you made me feel sorry for those poor toys... was it a frequent occurrence? :P

Jul 6, 2021 00:21

Not at all. But there were many All Mighty all around, and one could never know the harm they could cause while thinking that they were just doing routine cleaning.

Jul 6, 2021 15:10 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

this is super interesting! It's a universe of toys, right? I love that you consider both the positive and negative implications of modelling clays from the toys' POV, the prosthetic idea is already nice, but I love how you've got the embedding also going on. All those poor toys...

Jul 6, 2021 17:04

Yes! It's a universe I made for my childhood toys :)   Prosthetics evolved in this world as well, it's a planned article for the future :D   Here's the world primer if you want to get a better idea of what's going on :)

Welcome to Tierras Mágicas and around
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Welcome! Read through here to have a better picture of what is this all about

Jul 6, 2021 23:32 by Dani

Oh noooooo the horrors of errant, forever embedded clay. *screams* I do, however, applaud the kingdoms' ingenuity in making the horror work for them instead of continuing to work against them.

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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Jul 7, 2021 00:59

I am pretty sure someone in your position knows very well the horrors of embedded clay. This world apparently kinda drives itself, so I will be working on an article for the evolution of prosthetics next :D

Jul 6, 2021 23:47 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

You have no idea just how much I love this. XD I love that modelling clay can be both a blessing and curse.   Oh no to violence from the All Mighty!

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Jul 7, 2021 01:00

Aaaaa I'm so glad you are liking it! Thank you!   The All-Mighty took Sebastián, but thankfully the Micro-City flourished just fine.