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Welcome to Tierras Mágicas and around

Introduction: What is this?

Welcome, and thanks for reading about Tierras Mágicas. This encyclopedia works as an archive of my first world, the one that originated from playing with my toys in my parent's house, and turning a hole in the carpet into a salt lake, a pool into the ocean, or a hallway into a literal the-cracks-are-lava passage.  

This world is (mostly) Closed.

This means that there is not active worldbuilding happening as I write, but instead, this is done as a way of documenting the worldbuilding of old. However, I will expand upon minor details and things that make sense to develop, such as concepts that were there originally, but were not really thought in-depth at the time.  

Place and people names are (mostly) in Spanish

Spanish is my native language. While the world is written in English, I decided that translating the names of the cities and people would not stay true to the original. Some places such as the "Lair of Cartucho" have English words due to the terms being coined now.  

This setting took place (mostly) at my home

The World Of Plaza was the universe my toys lived in. The action was, of course, mostly happening in my bedroom, the continent of Tierras Mágicas, where each faction of toys had its specific territory and dominion. But many stories, some of romance, some of tragedy, happened in other places and even other houses.  

The world of Plaza

Map of Tierras Magicas and Around

Major locations

Tierras Mágicas
A mighty dry grassland expanse surrounded by frequent mountains, with the distinctive geyser lake and salt lake in the centre, and the gigantic Canterbury Castle crowning it.
Most of the people live here, in closely cooperative factions divided by scale.
Ciudad Comercial Grande
The "Bigger city of commerce", an inmense wild area full of resources and dangers.
The Ocean is located in the farthest area of this continent.
The Dangerous Corridor
The hot (lava hot) passage that connects Tierras Mágicas with most of the other continents on the Upper Level, and that then falls into the Lower Level.
Ciudad del Agua
A small continent full of waterfalls, perfect for a refreshing soak after getting covered in mud or stuck on a patch of coloured clay.
Ciudad Comercial Chica
The "smaller city of commerce", an open continent in the Upper Level hanging atop the vast Ciudad Comercial Grande. The inhabitants of Tierras Mágicas usually traded for food and other resources here.  
Ciudad del Cine
A single big plateau lies in the middle of this continent at the perfect altitude to watch the gigantic magic portal that shoots out visual tales from other worlds.

Why do some parts of the map look so empty?

Look, my parents' house was very big. I didn't take my toys everywhere.  

A Matter of Scale

Chopek And Rodrigo by Naelin
The major factions in Tierras Mágicas were divided by the scale of the people.
Tough one could imagine that the bigger creatures would fare better than the smaller ones, in truth the power was mostly held by the two biggest factions, both of medium size: The Kingdom of Canterbury and the clan of Elementalis.   The nations were mostly at peace, and they usually cooperated against threats such as the Living Geysers or the oceanic tempests.    

Major factions

The Kingdom of Canterbury
A powerful nation of Clicks ruled by Queen Laura. They occupied the massive Canterbury Castle, and therefore had monopoly over contacting the elusive, mythical Faeries.
Their descendants now divided into the mighty Lions of Vintiver and the fauna-smuggling pirates.
The Elementalis clan
Led at first by Wiretail and Kicks, the loss of the latter made the first feel unable to lead his people anymore, passing the command on to the old, powerful Charito.
The clan was able to do space travel and had a close-knit relationship with a different elementalis clan from the World of Victoria.
The Micro-city
A very technologically well-developed city of extremely small people divided into three banners. Though their city was by far the biggest one when put up to scale, their minuscule size made them be largely ignored by the other factions, as they were unable to participate in any sort of small scale diplomacy.
The Stables
A small faction led by the mare Chopek and formed by her family (Her mate Timbre, and her filly Potro) and her caretaker, a human by the name of Rodrigo. It is said she had dealings with a same-scale xenomorph.
Knight Sebastián by Naelin
"Spare no efforts to find my knight. He is there. He has to be there somewhere."
— Queen Laura

Other Worlds

The World of Victoria

Most inhabitants of Tierras Mágicas didn't dare venture outside of the already gigantic cavernous world of Plaza, but this didn't hold true for the Clan of Elementalis, brave explorers that formed a close bond with a clan from the World of Victoria.   It is said that even many assets from the Kingdom of Canterbury came from the World of Victoria, including their migthy ship, and the mysterious spaceship.  

What Happens Next

Tierras Mágicas lays in ruin. The vast grassland dried into rock, the lakes are no more. The husk of the Canterbury Castle lays devoid of life and there is no sign of The Faeries.
Only Cartucho seems to let his rumbling growls be heard from time to time.   But some persist. Amidst the chaos, the Kingdom of Canterbury and the clan of Elementalis managed to leave their home planet and travel through other more welcoming places. Their descendants now live on in smaller but incredibly more advanced settlements such as the The Lions of Vintiver's castle.

Cover image: The Lions of Vintiver's Castle by Naelin


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