Beline Milevski

President Milevski

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Beline is in very good physical shape thanks to her daily training even if the workload due to her work sometimes prevents her from accomplishing it but she still manages to keep a good physical shape by being slim and has very good cardio.

Apparel & Accessories

As the leader of the federal government, Beline has access to many tools to carry out his work, whether it is a ComNet with a work mode, an office equipped with the latest computer technologies, accreditation for access to all documents government confidences and many other elements that are essential to her for her work.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born into a family in the city of Arlysa, the planetary capital of Embabu, she was introduced to politics very early on by her father who worked in the planetary government in the Embabu Transport Agency. During her university studies, she chaired several student associations and was deeply involved in her community. Three year after her studies in political science, having always wanted to get into politics, she stood for the district election for a place in the planetary assembly, an election she successfully won. Very appreciated at the end of her term, she succeeded in running for a second mandate.

Taking advantage of her notoriety, she embarked on the race for the parliament of the sector where she intended to be elected deputy in the same district, she won her bet and served two terms. At the end of these she retired for three years with his spouse for the birth of their son that she had artificially. After her maternity leave, she stood for election for the title of governor of the Baxel sector with the goal of running for president at the end of her term. She was elected by a large majority thanks to her talents as a speaker and her notoriety as a deputy. She was also very appreciated by the citizens which allowed her to run as a candidate for the presidency at the end of her mandate as governor. Having been designated the official candidate of the Social Democratic Party, she managed to win this election against the four other candidates.


Beline, followed like any Republican citizen, a general education which took place in his fifth and fifteenth years. She then went into history for her special education and completed her studies in political science at University of Arlysa which was very useful to her during her election campaign.


She had a total of four official jobs in her life, the two mandates of representatives for the planetary assembly, the two terms of deputy for the Baxel Sector's parliament, his mandate as governor of the Baxel sector and finally the role of President of the Republic which she has occupied for seven years now.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Her biggest accomplishment is the dizzying growth of her political career. Indeed, she managed to obtain the most important post in the Republic in less than forty years which is extremely short compared to other President of the Republic. During these various terms of office, she was also praised for the good management of the administration and these numerous infrastructure projects which have enabled much better connectivity within the Republic.

Intellectual Characteristics

Beline is very good at management, has an extraordinary motivation which helps her to cope with the heavy workload that accompanies her work and a strong sense of diplomacy which helps her for diplomatic relations between the Republic and other entities.

Morality & Philosophy

Beline is extremely attached to the republican values which advocates the equality of all, democracy, freedom and justice. She is also firmly pacifist and believes in negotiation above all which led him to greatly improve relations with the Holy Kingdom of Katho during the first years of his mandate.

Personality Characteristics


Beline has always dreamed of being in politics since she was very young because her father was a very active member of the Social Democratic Party as well as an official of the planetary government and her mother was very involved in the management of the housing cooperative where they lived. These parents passed on this passion for politics to her and she also always wanted to help people.
Current Status
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
January 23rd
Year of Birth
2520 AC 56 Years old
Arlysa, Embabu
Current Residence
Paris, Earth
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale ivory
1.70 m
73.85 kg
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Beline knows her mother tongue Russian as well as other human languages such as Spanish and English.


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