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The CEO of Cetus Corp, Roya is a person of unknown age and origin. Even her name is simply what she calls herself, without a last name. Quite simply, before she became CEO, nobody had ever heard of her. Attempts to dig into her background have turned up no results. Even those that act as long-term allies do not seem to know much about her.   There are many corporations out in space, old and new, one-man shows and collective-run, kind and brutal. Cetus Corp originally was scientists sponsored to investigate several Cetus star systems. After their research resulted in positive results in 2796 CE, suddenly Roya appeared and took over. With her she brought plenty of money, enough to purchase multiple Terraforming Seeds.   Cetus Corp grew quickly, in part due to spending far less money on planetary defenses than others did. The fact that they still weren't harassed by pirates, should have been enough of a tip-off that Roya had some good allies behind the scenes. But naively enough, Pisces Corp did choose to attack Cetus 47 in 2804 CE, after their own terraforming attempts failed. The war ended up in a great loss for Pisces Corp, which called back its army and dissolved shortly after.
Unknown (assumed 45~70)
Golden blond
Cornflower blue

Origin & Modus Operandi

There are plenty of theories of where Roya came from and who she really is. Her massive wealth suggests she either made a killing somehow, or came from money. Meanwhile, her connections suggest some form of Stormfarer background. She is well-versed in corporate espionage and other nefarious business dealings, which suggest a corporate history.   One of the bigger theories combines all these elements and has convinced enough people that it was novelized and inspired a fictional film series. They say that Roya is one of the countless heirs of the Hyperdrive fortune. Rather than getting her fortune for free, she was tasked to prove her potential. She then became a very successful space pirate and even was crowned a Dire Wolf. After a lengthy pirate career that built her a large network of connections, she was granted her fortune. She then burned her pirate identity and took control of Cetus Corp.
Whether that theory has any base in reality, is unknown. But a background like that would explain both her business saviness and pirate connections, as well as how she learned to fend for herself. As any surviving assassin can testify, Roya is skilled in personal combat. And there's plenty of assassins that can do so, as she often spares them and even hires them. Her entire personal guard was recruited this way.   Speaking of assassins: Roya doesn't shy away from hiring them herself. She also uses mercenaries, spies, pirates, whatever she needs to get the job done. It is rumored she has already succeeded at over half a dozen hostile takeovers, taking control over most Corporations in the entire Aquarius area of the Hypersea. This might seem like ridiculous gossip, but the amount of disappeared board members of enemy Corps suggests something afoul is afoot. The smoke may be caused by an inferno.


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