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Margeret the Enlightened

Lady Margeret has protected our city for centuries, her wisdom and gifts bestowed by the Bronze Stone kept us strong even when we were at our lowest. She ensures that we never break, that we never lose sight of ourselves and what we strive to accomplish.

Margeret strives for a brighter world, where we understand ourselves and our place within our shared universe.

Sidon Historical Society.

Margeret the Enlightened is an IreHeart who served as the first prime minister of the island chain, Sidon. She worked closely with the Church of the Somnolent and her people to form the first expeditions down to the Geode where Baalbek was founded above The Bronze Stone.

She, along with the chief explorer Sir Mictaf Cellini, were the first to undertake what is now known as a Phoenician Immersion. They discovered the auric storage that the stone had become, and learned from it the collection sensations and feelings of their people as it had built up over the decades.

Margeret returned to the surface to use her new found power to lead, while Mictaf stayed below to research and learn how to harness the strengths of the Bronze Stone.

After the Blitz of Sidon, where she lost Mictaf and all other below the surface, she rallyed the planet to survive, pulling the resources of all the island nations together under a single Levant banner.

She formed the Levant Autonomy Collective to manage the affairs of the planet in a fair way, and waited for the return of the Somnolent to continue their work on the stone.

She dedicates much of her life to restoring the glory of the Bronze Stone, sending more expeditions and parties down to attempt to recover the legendary blade Harpe, and learn anything about her long lost partner Mictaf


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