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Blitz of Sidon

The Blitz of Sidon was a culmination of our sins humbling us. Our seperation as a planet became our undoing. The Syndicate knew we were weak, knew our fellow states would be slow to react.

Our failures cost me everything; my love, my goals, all of it gone. I surrendered it as my faith demanded it, martyring our success to ensure our survival. I don't recall Cellini's face anymore, I only remember his assuring smile as he pressed his detonator.

Adventine Ulysses Paulson

The Blitz of Sidon was a late-stage Expansion Era battle that took place above and on the planet of Levant. The invading force headed by the Andromeda Syndicate bombarded and then attempted occupation of the Capital island chain of Sidon.

The Syndicate was successful in their initial operation, landing and seizing control of the Palace of Suzerains. Their offensive was instantly stymied by the detonation of fail-safe charges placed below the surface of Sidon, which collapsed the tunnel to the Baalbek research station.

The explosion sank the The Palace of Suzerains into the ocean, and bought enough time for Sidon and it's slow to rouse allies to mobilize their oceanic and wayship fleets.

The invasion was repelled only a day before the Wayhalls winked closed, leaving Sidon in shambles and the planet Levant with an uncertain future.


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