The Palace of Suzerains

The Palace of Suzerains crested above the waves, a marble super structure that reflected the sun as bright as any lighthouse. It once served as my personal quarters and the politiclan and economical hub of Sidon. Now with the blessings of the Somnolent

, and guided by the wisedom of unity, it serves as the capital building for all of Levant.

It is a shrine to our resilience, and our ability to learn and rebuild even in our darkest hours.

Adventine Ulysses Paulson

The Palace of Suzerains is one of the oldest structures on the planet of Levant. First built when Sidon began producing natural gemstones, it served as a navigation beacon for ships at sea, and houses chambers dedicated for market trade, political activism, and research.

The marble tower is the most notable feature, which stands nearly 750 feet above the surface of the water. starting from the center of the palace. The palace overlooks the docks from atop a reinforced cliff face.

During the Battle of Sidon, the palace was briefly occupied by Syndicate before the building was sunk into the ocean by an explosive failsafe triggered by Margeret the Enlightened and Sir Mictaf Cellini.

The Palace remained submerged until after the end of the Melancholic Lacuna. When Levant was returned to the Church, a goodwill mission was dispatched to restore the Palace to its former glory.

Now the newly revitalized palace serves as the capitol building of Levant, housing delegations from all island chains.


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