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The city of my people, a paradise of goodwill and progress. Even when the cities themselves are hidden by the blue expanse, you can see Sidon's Palace Tower breaching the horizon. You can never be lost underneath its carved stone gaze.

You are safe here in Sidon. Free to explore yourself above or beneath the waves, and learn how liberating harmony can be.

Sidon is the most influental and affluent archipelago chain on the planet Levant. Sidon served as the second landing point for the original Church of The Somnolent expeditions during the Expansion Era.

While it was first settled for it's expansive cave systems, it became a much more important site when the Auric defenses of the planet encountered interference from a massive meta source below Sidon.

The first large-scale successful expedition headed by Sir Mictaf Cellini, established a Meissner Antigravity water pump from the city of Sidon all the way down to a newly discovered super-geode two kilometers below the surface.

At the bottom of the Geode, a massive brilliant Gypsum stone flooded beneath the waves. It held a strange power over Auric Echos, granted to it by the constant flux of Meta to the planet.

The Research station of Baalbek became a Somnolent research and development forefront; scientists, politicians, and philopsers all braved the raft trip down deep into the surface to have their time with the fabled The Bronze Stone.

Just before the Lacuna, the city of Sidon fell under seige by the neighboring Andromeda Syndicate. When Sydnciate boots touched the soil, Margeret the Enlightened in an effort to save the Bronze Stone from falling into Syndicate hands, detonated the Meissner track and tunnels down to Balbeek, sealing the research facility off from the rest of the world.

Now with the Somnolent's resources fueling Sidon once more, the attempts to reunite with Balbeek continue away from the public eye. The people can't ignore the miners and explorers that have gone missing though. Many think the disappearances have to do with the recent evidence of built-up Echos lingering in town, powerful enough that Exorcists are struggling to keep up.

A Harmonious Capital

Like Francisco, Sidon stands testament to humanities rebirth over the last millenia.

Rather than mutilating nature for it's own gain, Sidon has built to compliment Nature and benefit from it. The reefs around Sidon are constantly shifting. The wildlife below and above the waves harkens back to an Earth unmarred by pollution or invasive species.

It's pictureseque, to put it simply and unbelievable to many who are so used to a destroyed Eden.

Human Historian


Sidon is a two hundred Kilometer stretch of oceanic islands that are all governed under one central power. The Islands have undergone centuries of terraformation to closely resemble Edenic lifestyle. Palm trees, sandy beachs, and skyscrapers which catch the long summer shine like a beacon.

Travelling between islands is quick, high-speed ferries utilize Meta technology to levitate above the waves during transit between the island ports. Each passenger is treated to a view below the boat, where crystal clear cameras show the bountiful life below.

The Island itself can afford it's wealth through a mix of tourism, biological research, and mining below the volcanic surface. The mines are well-concealed, only reachable through the military base covering Cellini's Cove. Mining is highly regulated, and entrace below the surface is reserved for staff only.

Above surface, locals and tourist mingle in relative harmony, thanks to careful city planning that keeps the industry-working locals away from the tourists.

Notable Islands

Emerald Isle

The largest of the islands. Emerald Isle sits in the center of the island chain and hosts several towering archways. Each Archway is a self-sustaining building capable of housing countless tourists and residents. Emerald Isle gets its name from the natural algae blooms which color its water a bright refractive green. At night, movements in the water cause trails of glowing iridesence that makes for a remarkable show.

Humpback Wildlife Reserve

A smaller island focused on enviromental tourism and nature preservation. The entire island is tended to by a team of human projectionists and historians. Tropical Edenic creatures from hummingbirds to clouded leopards, once extinct, thrive here under the constant care of its keepers.

Papa's Rest
The first island settled on Levant. It was home to Margeret the Enlightened and the church. Both of which resided in The Palace of Suzerains. During the Lacuna, the entire island collapsed into the water after the Blitz of Sidon. It has been restored after the Somnolent reunified with Levant.
Cellini's Cove
A small island with heavy military reinforcement. It serves as the entrance into the Meissner tunnels down to the secretive underbelly. Some recall a place called Balbeek way down there, but no one has gone down there in a while.
Little Big Island
Little Big Island is the main travel destination. The Sidonese Spaceport dominates half the island, with industrial exports shuttled right next to the tourist ships. Tourists will enter the tourist district, which is where they can report for their accomodations.

Troubles in Paradise

No world comes without its strifes and challenges. Some people hear about on the headlines, "Sidon asks for Emergency Auric Aid." Others, such as the disappearance of a party of adventerous tourists, don't make it past the locals.

Security roams the streets at all hours, while they are friendly enough, they all seem to be a bit on edge, even with the Locals. There's a soft auric 'anger' lingering in the air, and even offworlders begin to feel it in a week.

Even in the tourist areas, you can overhear locals cursing the Syndicate tourists. The anger is beginning to get physical in dangerous parts of the islands.

Everyone's staring daggers at eachother a lot more. People are expecting the worst from everyone else. Infuriating.

— Security Officer

Something must be causing this corruption, and news is that Margeret the Enlightened is gathering a party to take it on.


Life of a Local

A dirty home makes for a dirty soul.

— Sidonese Mantra

The Locals of Sidon are known for their hospitality. Warm greetings, great food, and very knowledgable about their history. Most Locals of Sidon have been living on the island chain for at least a generation as immigration is carefully controlled.

Many work in the Hospitality industry as guides, entertainers, historians, and more. The forward facing locals are encouraged to spend time in the more tourist-oriented districts. The other majority of locals work in the mines below Sidon or tend the local flora and fuana. Most people working in these industries have their own districts to avoid the majority of the tourist hubub.


Locals who work hospitality are referenced as "Softies," while those who work in the industries of Sidon are called "Hardies."

Life of a Tourist

A tourist visiting Sidon is treated to the life of leisure and relaxation promised in the brochure. Their travel plans, ferry passes, and event tickets can all be purchased on Little Big Island, and helpful guides will offer their expertise and planning for a price.

From Little Big Island, tourists and other passengers will ride the ferry network across the islands. The ferry pass is unlimited for the duration of the tourists visit, to help encourage them to visit the other islands.

Certain locations are restricted, with tourist passes only having certain ferry paths and even district restrictions. Tourists are warned against heading into the industrial districts to avoid any tensions between locals and torists.

Please refrain from entering the industrial areas of our islands, while our Sidonese hopsitality is legendary, many of our workforce like their time with friends and family.

— Sidonese Tourist Board


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