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The Bronze Stone

I sat above the stone arches of Baalbek, watching the final wisps of smoke rise from the floor in the daily Rosemary Games. It was the best time of day to catch a glimpse of the Bronze Stone.

I leaned over the side for the best look, pushing through the heady smoke to see the glimmering tower of bronze that slumbered beneath the still depths of the flooded geode. It looked so close, but I know that beneath the still surface lay countless invisible dangers ready to bring my swift destruction.

Someday, maybe we will be able to once more approach the Stone.

The Bronze Stone among the largest known natural gemstones in Somnolent space. With the height over twelve meters, it it large and pure enough to naturally serve as a beacon to Auric Echos as far up as the surface of Levant. It was first discovered by the planetary explorer Sir Mictaf Cellini, who founded the settlement of Baalbek inside of the Geode the Bronze stone was found in.

The Bronze Stone consists entirely of brown Citrine, refined by the ancient lava tectonics that formed the island chain that Sidon rests upon.

While Sidon was made rich by the mineral wealth below it, the Bronze Stone was not even known until the Somnolent ordered the creation of an Auric Impression defense for Levant.

When the activation was met with planetary interference below Sidon, the Somnolent acted and sent a massive expedition down to find the source.

With the guidance of our Diviner, we squeezed our ways into the cave, planting our Meissner Antigravity drains to clear the water from our path. We finally hit a dead end, a smooth wall sat between us and what our Diviner swore was the source of the interference.

I cracked through the wall, apprehension gripped at my heart. I wedged my head into the crevice I had made, and dropped a flare. When I saw a million flares greet me in return, I nearly cried.

Then a brilliant shine pulled my attention to the bottom, The Bronze Stone it was.


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