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Stone Pilgrim

The Bronze Stone provided all of us a path to enlightenment. Deep below the surface of our home rested the thoughts and emotions of our entire people. To tap into this reliquary of experiences is to become one with Levant itself.

If you can make the journey down as a Stone Pilgrim, then you can return to the surface with compassion and wisdom. I made my journey many many years ago, when the Bronze Stone's powers were first discovered. I learned of our peoples pains and failures, of our pleasures and victories. I entered as crude iron, and left as tempered steel.

A Stone Pilgrim is a person who has dedicated themselves to making the journey down through the collapsed tunnel systems to the deep city of Baalbek. The journey is not an easy one to make, requiring the ability to travel kilometers through cave tunnels both via boat and by foot.

Stone Pilgrims travel in small groups, and the journey down can take up to a week. Tight squeezes, collapsed tunnels, auric corruption, and ravenous creatures can all claim the lives of Stone Pilgrims who travel unprepared.

The ultimate goal of a Stone Pilgrim is to bask within the direct presence of the Bronze Stone. A specialized bed was constructed long ago in the original research facility of Baalbek, which still serves as a Meta filter for the Auric Echos that thrive within the Bronze Stone.

Most pilgrims never get closer than Baalbek, as going deeper holds far too many threats with strange creatures and flooded caves preventing anyone from approaching the Stone.

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