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Sir Mictaf Cellini

Ah yes, my dearest Cellini. Always a shine in his eye, more than the typical shine of any other Monolith, it was the shine of optimism. It was a peek into his soul, his desire to help others and make the world a better place.

Amazingly, to help us all, he spent his life kilometers below the surface. He stayed with the The Bronze Stone even to his dying breath, protecting it as best he can.

He made the ultimate sacrifice for us, and for the sake of that glint in his eye, I want to make sure his legacy is known.

Sir Mictaf Cellini was a Monolithic BleakHeart explorer who was amongst the first to explore the planet Levant. He helped scope out the sites for new cities and governments. He worked close with Margeret the Enlightened. The two were in a well-known relationship, lovers who tended to the bountiful tides of the oceanic planet.

When it came time to focus below the surface, into the caves, Mictaf was the first to round up an expedition and successfully find a mysterious source of Metaphysical interference.

It was a several month journey, pathfinding through tight caves and setting up guiding markers and meissner bases for the crews to follow. When he found the Geode that would become Baalbek, it was said that he called Margeret while in tears, professing just how big of a discovery they might have made.

He promised to make the world better with the newly discovered Bronze Stone.[/p

When the Blitz of Sidon was lost Mictaf willingly sacrificed his connection to the surface by blowing the fail-safe explosives that operated the Meissner track down to Baalbek.

Many believe him to be dead after that explosion, but the city he built in the geode stands as testament to an ability he gained during his seperation from the surface.

There are many more who believe that the corruption that is plaguing Baalbek and the Bronze Stone might be related to the Fall of Cellini, where he was corrupted by his own power over the Stone.


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