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The Fall of Cellini

The fact that we don't have evidence of what happened to Cellini crushes my soul. I want to know what befell him. He was such a genuine person, and I know he had the strength to survive anything that the world could throw at him.

The Fall of Cellini is a theorized event that consists of what occured after the Blitz of Sidon. The believe of many is that he is dead, while others believe he remains as the Bronze Stone's guardian, preventing any from getting near it by driving them insane or if that fails, orchestrating their deaths in the depths of the Baalbek Geode.

The theory of his survival is plausible, as Mictaf is a BleakHeart, under certain extreme stresses, a blossom is posssible. However if Mictaf is blossomed beneath the waves and causing the corruption to the Bronze Stone, he has kept himself hidden from the teams who work above to try and save the stone.

Another part of the theory is the idea that Cellini, in his efforts to save his people, melded himself with the Bronze Stone, utilizing the resulting Harpe and Auric power of the stone to create the granite fortress that Baalbek now is. Whether or not he could survive the process is a point of contention amongst those who whisper of Cellini's fall.

The Bronze Lantern also finds itself at the center of the myth, many believe that the glowing chunk of rock is actually part of the The Bronze Stone. No one has been able to see whether or not this is the case though, as the Bronze Lantern remains under lock and key within the depths of Baalbek

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