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The Bronze Lantern

Within the winding granite halls of Baalbek, there is supposedly an item that can light the way to the Bronze Stone.

Funny enough it feels like every time we try to find the Lantern, our potential location to search changes. I am beginning to think that the stone walls themselves are conspiring against us.

— Baalbek Researcher

The Bronze Lantern is an Item rumored to be key to the corruption that is plaguing the Bronze Stone. According to the few clues that have been found etched in the pillars and walls of Baalbek, the Lantern's resting place is somewhere within the fortress itself and is at least partially to blame for the Fall of Cellini

One of the current major goals of the research staff living in Baalbek is to find the Bronze Lantern so its purpose and potential connection to the stone can be investigated. Some rumors persist that it might be a last-ditch Divinorium to try and preserve Cellini, others think it may be the source of power that Harpe was forged from.

The most common myth around the Lantern is that it will light the way past the monsters and corruption that blocks the Bronze Stone from being approached.

It has not been found yet as Baalbek seems to have sections within its walls that are near impossible to navigate too. Whispers of the walls shifting and stair cases suddenly leading to nowhere have sparked worries that all of Baalbek might be cursed to hide the Lantern somehow.

Cover image: The Wheel before the Wayhall


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