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Harpe, the blade my Cellini wielded into the depths. I wish I knew what happened to that sword, from what I hear it became part of Cellini and the Bronze stone, a conduit between man and the Metaphysical.

I need his sword back, for my own closure and for the good of my people. It may be the only way to undo the corruption that is gripping our fair city of Sidon and the caves below it.

Harpe is the blade that was carried by Sir Mictaf Cellini during his expeditions down to Baalbek and the Bronze Stone. Little was thought of the sword until after the Melancholic Lacuna, where Baalbek was found transformed from a small research station into a granite fortress.

Myth states that Harpe became a conducting rod in the hands of Cellini, who used its power to control the Bronze Stone. How Harpe was made, is a mystery known only by Cellini himself and the supposed Obelisk he left behind as his gravemarker.

The blade itself a hellenistic in design, a gladius-style blade with a sickle protrusion at the top quarter of the blade. A reinforced back spike on the blade would frequently be used as a rock-climbing implement.

Many spectate that where it once would glisten silver it now is blackened with the corruption of the Bronze Stone. No one has seen Harpe since the Blitz of Sidon, and many speculate it rests at the bottom of the Baalbek Geode right next to the Stone. No one can make it deep enough to find it, yet.

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