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The Cellini Obelisk

No one knows where the Cellini Obelisk is, no one even knows if it actually exists, or if it got destroyed somehow. We only have a two mentions of it in our records, one on Cellini's Baalbek inscriptions and one in his Expedition log.

Though why Cellini would cover up it's location is really beyond me. He was always for the public holding knowledge, instead of the few. Something must have happened down there. It has to be connected; the corruption, the Attuning, the city itself.

At the end of it all, I just want the truth.

The Cellini Obelisk is a theorized structure that lays somewhere near Baalbek and the Bronze Stone. Many believe that the Bronze Lantern will light the way to the Obelisk, but that is just a myth.

No one has been able to find the Obelisk, and only whispers and speculations exist as to where it can be.

As to what the Obelisk holds, it is believed to hold the technological secrets behind the Bronze Stone and how Harpe was attuned to control the Auric impressions within it.

Many believe that during The Fall of Cellini, that Cellini's last action was to destroy the Obelisk, to conceal its secrets from the rest of the universe at large.

Cover image: The Wheel before the Wayhall


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