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Expedition log of Cellini

Ah yes, one of the few documents we still have that we know Cellini wrote. His expeditions log provided us just a little bit more of a picture of what happened during the Fall. It still leaves so much unknown though, and I don't think we will have our answers until Mictaf Cellini or his Obelisk is brought to light.

It is at least good to know that Cellini held his beliefs until he knew all was lost.

Adventine Ulysses Paulson

Cellini's Expedition Log is the personal SysTome of Cellini that was recovered when Baalbek was refound after the end of the Melancholic Lacuna. The Log contains information mostly from before the Blitz of Sidon, navigation charts, maps, and schedules to predict water surges and other dangers.

Recovering the Expedition log was crucial to making the journey to Baalbek safe enough to afford a small full time team to live in the buried city nestled within the Geode.

The logs are scarce on what occured after the collapse of the Meissner tunnels, but mention an Obelisk with his learnings that he made as well as how he used the power of the Bronze Stone and Harpe to build an island city from the stone surrounding them.

There is no confirmation on Cellini's final status in the logs, whether or not he succumbed to a Blossom or just passed away is unknown. Some believe that he is still alive, tending to the Bronze Stone below the still depths of the geode.

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