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Attuning Harpe

How Harpe was reforged to hold power over the Bronze Stone is the holy grail of information for our work in Baalbek. How did Cellini build this city, there was no where near enough meta or people to build it alone, even with projections and monoliths.

Whatever Harpe allowed Cellini to do could revolutionize our abilities to harness our own Echos. It would be like converting shedded hair to electricity. No wonder Margeret is willing spend so much to get Harpe back.

Sidon Native

The Attuning of Harpe is a theorized technology that occured after the Blitz of Sidon, where Cellini used Harpe to wield control over the Bronze Stone to build the city of Baalbek to protect those who were stranded. While he was unable to save the people he swore too, he left an account of his attempts in the stone of the city.

He mentions the ability to wield Auric Echos in a way similar to projections using Harpe as a focusing object, like a wand or Affinity.

This technology is highly sought after by many factions, both benevolent and dangerous. It is rumored that the process is documented on The Cellini Obelisk

Margaret wants Harpe back for the primary reason of closure, but to also try and solve how the attuning of Harpe could have possibily taken place.

Cover image: The Wheel before the Wayhall


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