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The Levant Autonomy Collective

When we failed ourselves in the Blitz of Sidon, it was a low that sunk the entire planet into a depression both economically and mentally.

The only way out was to break down the walls that kept us apart. We needed to become more than our own states, we needed to become one glorious Levant.

And so the Levant Autonomy Collective came to be, to guide us through our differences and towards our future.

The Levant Autonomy Collective serves as a sort of federal government for the planet of Levant. The operations of the L.A.C are overseen by the current planetary ruler, Margeret the Enlightened. The Collective's charter is to provide for the unified defense of the planet, as well as ensure fair practices and enforcement between all island states. It holds its headquarters within the Palace of Suzerains.

The L.A.C is funded by small percentage of all incoming and outgoing revenues, and staffs many public works projects during peace time. Their enforcement division is headed by a council of LAC Commisioners who represent their own island chains. In the modern age, LAC commisioners are required to complete a tour as a Stone Pilgrim, undertaking the Phoenician Immersion to prove their strength.

The Levant Autonomy Collective is seen as the final level of planetary government, and works frequently with Church of The Somnolent organizations.

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