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LAC Commissioner

To be a Commisioner is to hold yourself responsible for the well-being and happiness of your people. We have enlightened ourselves to our people's needs and through that hold dominion with their state of mind at the forefront of our own.

We must protect them, for through protecting them we protect the Bronze Stone and the planet of Levant.

— L.A.C Commissioner Kayden Kalani

Commissioner is the second highest political office within the local government of Levant. They are the leading party of the Levant Autonomy Collective and work closely with the planetary leader Margeret the Enlightened to ensure the fair treatment and prosperity of her people.

Commissioners are not locked to the political capitol of Sidon. They are encouraged to spend as much time with their people as possible, with most inter-island meetings occuring via virtual presence.

The requirements to become a Commissioner is to earn the trust of the existing Commissioners and undergo a successful tour as a Stone Pilgrim. A long ceremony is held for Pilgrims by those stationed below, known as the Phoenician Immersion which taps their mind in with the echos within the The Bronze Stone.

All LAC Commissioners are Monoliths as well, as that amount of experience is expected to hold one of the highest offices in the land.

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