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Eramu the Open-Handed

Eramu Moai tor Kallen tel Yak'koli is a playable Ral-Mi archetype within the Yak'koli player Module.

Born and raised in Yak'kolithon, Eramu the Open-Handed is the son of a textiles merchant and a politician. He was raised to consider charity a virtue and laziness a plague, and is rare to rest—he's rather find where help and demand are needed rather than to do nothing, and if no help is needed he can be found in a public setting, eager to chat with friends and strangers alike over a pint of Kail



Box of Genazine Sachets (10)

Canister Gun and 5 Impact Gel Canisters

Flachette Pistol


Powerful Tail

Hyper Empathy

Situational Awareness

Castle Rank 2


I must defend my people.

We're at our strongest when working together.

The best way to help yourself is to help others.

From Eramu

Ral-Mi by Lorshroom
Current Location

Cover image: Yakkoli Cover by Ademal, via MidJourney


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