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Mykola Smith | Member Since 1 Mar, 2022
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Interests & Hobbies

Writing Fanfiction, World Building, Encouraging others, and Music.

Favorite Movies

Anything Ghibli Lord of the Rings Trilogy Pacific Rim Black Panther One Missed Call (Japanese)

Favorite TV Series

True Crime anything

Favorite Books

Butcher Bird Magic's Promise The Redemption of Althalas Lord of the Rings

Favorite Writers

Tempest (Eli) Kwake JRR Tolkien David Eddings Mercades Lackey Neil Gaiman

Favorite Games

Final Fantasy VI, VII, IX, X, XV, VII R Rune Factory Story of Seasons Elder Scrolls Assassin's Creed Origins, Odyssey, Valhalla


Latest Loved work

Thunderus, God of Lightning

Qaran, God of the Earth


Glitter Field

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