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I am a Nerd through and through, I read my first novel when I was 8 (Fuzzy Sapiens by H. Beam Piper) and was hooked on sci-fi and fantasy ever since. When I was 12 I played my first game of D&D, again hooked. When I was 15 my mother bought me a sci-fi role playing game, and that hooked me on science. I spent 19 years in the computer science field, where I was lucky enough to teach classes to NASA employees and contractors.

Interests & Hobbies

Making cool stuff in wood, and other old art forms.

Favorite Movies

I can't list them all here, seriously. Star Wars (the original trilogy) was formative for me.

Favorite TV Series

Battlestar Galactica (both of them), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Babylon 5.

Favorite Books

Dresden Novels, Startide Rising, Uplift War. So many more

Favorite Writers

Jim Butcher, Larry Niven, David Brin, just to name a few

Favorite Games

Pathfinder 2e, GURPS, Savage Worlds