Destrian Frosthand

Destrian Frosthand was born into a distinguished family on Elval island, years later he would enter service at the court of the Duke on the island. Here he showed his talent as a diplomat by ensuring that the other noble families on the island were satisfied and thanks to the connections he had made over the years and the skill he ad showed, he was chosen to lead the diplomatic envoy to the mainland of Dercia where their task was to see if diplomatic ties could be established with the Kingdom of Dercia that at that time was 150 years into their bloody conflict of unification of the region.   Destrian would meet up with a member of The Astalles dynasty the royal family of Dercia, where he was able to convince the royal diplomat it would be beneficial for both the kingdom and the Elval duchy. Destrian having seen some of the heavy infantry of the Dercian kingdom, their legionnaires, in action was convinced that such troops would be a great benefit for his master and for the duchy, playing on the fact that the Crienia people was no masters of the sea and almost a novice in the ability to build warships, Destrian added to the treaty that besides coming to each other's aid when requested, the Dercian kingdom would provide a cohort of legionnaires for the duchy and in return, the dutchy would provide the naval support for the kingdom and share their knowledge in shipbuilding.   When Destrian Frosthand returned home, he was celebrated and granted the title of baron and given some land, and over the years he would return many times to the kingdom of Dercia both as a diplomat but also as a guest of the king. He would be killed during a siege of Pearlhal in 356 IC when inspecting some troops from his duchy and got hit by the arrowhead from an arrow that had ricochet of the battlements.
Date of Birth
23rd of Mara
Date of Death
3rd of Ekax
94 BIC 356 IC 450 years old
Circumstances of Death
Died in the defence of the city
Place of Death
Ice blue
Raven black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
2.1 meter
Aligned Organization


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