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The elves are a humanoid race and one of the more numerous of the inhabitants of Mirateia. The elves of Mirateia are renowned for their beauty and grace and are by many seen as masters of the more fine arts both artistically as well as in the bow.   Elves are among the longest-living races on the continent and will by most accounts maintain this beauty their entire life.   Some of the elves are more outgoing and want to live with the other races of Mirateia, others practice isolationism and are detached from the wider society and this is by some viewed as the elves believing they are better than the others.  


Wood elves: Sees themselves as the protectors of nature and prefer to live in the wild in small enclaves, but can be found in a more urban environment where they usually work as gardeners tending to the cites parks and open areas. The wood elves are famous for their villages built into the treetops and some of the most renowned are from The Nilid People.   Moon elves. : The moon elves are seen as outgoing and compassionate of the elves, they can usually be found working as healers both among their people and also in the wider society. Unlike the other elves, the moon elves tend to be more active at night so in most places where they live among other races, they are employed as Nightwatch as well.   Half-elf/half-human: This subrace of elves and humans is a result of a meeting between elves and humans and is mostly found in the larger cities although there are instances where small villages, both human and elf alike, have taken in one of the other and this then resulted in there being half-elf/human in that village. The most famous group of half-elves although they are classified as humans by most scholars are the Crienia people and the most numerous of the half races.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Depending on the group, the elves might live in small groups deep in forests or they might have integrated into other societies such as humans.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Elves can be found all over Mirateia although their presence in the Principality of Clifia are minimal due to several waves of prosecutions.
Genetic Descendants
400-800 Depending on the race of elf
Average Height
1.8 meters
Average Physique
Generally, they have the same average physique as humans
Related Ethnicities

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