Moon elves.

Moon elves are one of the largest groups of elves in the Empire of Dercia at least for those that have elected to form relations with the world outside of their enclaves. within the Dercian Empire, Moon elves are helping contribute to the empire's diverse cultural fabric, they can often be seen serving as advisors, scholars and mystics, and they will be offering their insights into magical affairs, celestial lore and arts, several Moon elves also become renowned craftsmen, creating exquisite artefacts which are imbued with lunar magic   Moon elves typically maintain amicable relations with other elven kin, and their wisdom and insights are highly valued by the empire's leadership.   Many scholars believe that the Moon elves were one of the first people to move into the Dercian region back in the beginnings of time, they base their theories on the fact that the Moon elves have some of the oldest legends and many of them are about changes in the landscape that are known to be ancient formations, likewise many of the other races that moved into the region tells about a group of elves that worships the moon.   It was likewise also a tribe or enclave of Moon elves that several thousand years ago, intermingled with a tribe of humans and formed what would become the Crienia people. This has neither been confirmed nor denied by Mara but some scholars believe that the silver-white hair that those blessed with Blessing of Mara gets are from these ancient Moon elves, as some of their stories go that their personifation of the moon is a young women with silver-whiote hair.   There are tales of ancient enclaves out there with ancient knowledge, some even say that there are gateways to the celestial plane in some of these.   The Moon elves revere the moon as a celestial deity, they believe that it influences their lives, magic and destiny. Likewise tehy have a strong connection to cosmos, many of them spend a lot of their time studying the stars and interpreting their moment for guidance.


Culture and cultural heritage

Their culture emphasizes harmony with nature like many elves, and they often live in enclaves amidst lush forests or bodies of water were the moon can reflect in the surface of the water.


Moon elves are adept in arcane arts, particularly those aligned with celestial energies and lunar magic. Their affinity for illusion, enchantment, and divination magic is legendary, often blending their spells with the cycles of the moon. They are skilled astronomers, astrologers, and seers, drawing upon celestial patterns for guidance.

Common Dress code

Moon elves favour flowing robes and garments that mimic the movements of celestial bodies. They often wear robes of celestial hues—deep blues, purples, and silvers which shimmer and change subtly in the light, reminiscent of the night sky. They are seen to favour fabrics like silk, satin, or fine linens, chosen for their lightness and how they catch and reflect light. Sheer, diaphanous layers add an ethereal quality to their attire, further enhancing their otherworldly appearance. They likewise often wear sandals adorned with intricate designs. These sandals are comfortable and functional for traversing their enclaves or engaging in their duties within the wider Empire.

Art & Architecture

Due to their connection with the moon, the elves have perfected the making of glass which will allow the moonlight to shine into their homes, lighting up their homes with a blue-whiteish glow during the night.
Height: Moon elves typically range between 168 cm to 188 cm for males and 163 cm to 183 cm for females, with slightly slender and graceful builds.
  Age: living up to around 600
  Typical eye colour: silver, blue or violet


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