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Several thousand years ago while the ancient empire wherein its prime, it had yet to fully take control over the Dercia region so unlike the rest of Mirateia where the population had settled down and cities were common, in Dercia however migrations of people were still going on from time to time and it was one of those migrations that brought the two tribes of humans and moon elves together, they both arrived in the area where Pearlhal is today. As time went on the two tribes began to merge into one, like more and more elf-human couples began and soon there were no full blood humans or elves, and they began to call themselves the Crienia people, this merging of the two people also gave them lifespans of up to 350 years. This mixture did from time to time lead to small conflicts between them and their neighbouring cities, luckily for the Crienia the ancient empire where there to put a stop to most of the conflicts.   For most of their existence, the Crienia people were content with staying within their city-states border, paying the yearly tax to their overlords, this changed when the Ancient Empire fell and the continent was thrown into chaos.   a short time after the collapse they took advance of the situation through diplomacy sometimes at the point of a sword to take control over their neighbouring cities as a means to safeguard Pearlhal against further attacks and this lead to the creation of the Kingdom of Dercia that some thousand years later would transform into the superpower that is Empire of Dercia

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Ira, Amelessa, Eza, Cierra, Vega, Kierra

Masculine names

Alden, Cantrell, Gentry, Pierre, Cox

Unisex names

Jase, Kymani

Family names



Major language groups and dialects

Elvish Common Dercian

Culture and cultural heritage

The people of Crienia is the result of human tripe mixing with a tribe of moon elves.   This resulted in kind people, light-hearted who have a large wanderlust and value peace, but if needed they can be quick to spring to action and have a habit of not giving up even when others would have.

Shared customary codes and values

Crienians at a personal level value their family and friends and they also value peace and are willing to fight for it if forced.   They also feel a certain pride in their country.

Common Dress code

Loose clothing, very common coloured clothing is red, white and blue

Art & Architecture

Architecture: They only really began to develop their own style in architecture when they entered the imperial period, before that they had simply copied and combined aspects from the ancient empire and the surrounding cities style. It is also in the imperial period when they began to see significant developments in public hygiene like private baths and latrines together with floor heating in their houses.   Art: Crienian art and to extend the rest of the empires art includes works like Painting, sculpture, metal-work, gem engraving and ivory carvings with ivory and gem being considered luxury work mostly for the noble and royal family.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Celebration of the Ancestors : a celebration that last over a few days that celebrate the union between the two tribes, this is the most famous of the celebrations of the Crienia and people both Crienia and not from all over the country comes to Pearlhal to celebrate it.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

The birth of a new member of the family is celebrated among the family and friends.

Coming of Age Rites

Throughout the ages the coming of age ritual has changed a lot of times, most of them have been lost to history but the current ones range from going on a hunt to having a party with the family.   This usually happens around the age of 20.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The normal custom is to burn the dead on a pyre at the local holy place where after their ashes will be given back to the family for them to either spread or keep at the homestead.

Common Myths and Legends

It's a legend that has its origin on the elven side but the Blessing of Mara is considered to be a huge honour to the blessed/chosen because Selûne will take special interest in you and if asked to help you.   the way to spot one who has been chosen by Mara  is that they will have red eyes, a known exampel is Crown Princess Ira

Historical figures

Many have risen to the stuff of legends but a person that holds a significant place in the legends of both the Crienians and by extending the rest of Dercia, the first queen of Dercia


Beauty Ideals

Female: melodic voice, soft skin with tan, slightly pointy ears, and a light and nimble build.   Male: tanned skin, beards, round ears, a strong build.   The Crienia places great value on having a tan as it shows that you are not hiding indoors and are not physically active.

Courtship Ideals

Given their longer lifespans than normal humans, they tend to only instigate relationships between their own people.

Relationship Ideals

Crienians are ambitious and expect their partner to be so as well, responsibilities are mostly shared equally.

Major organizations


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