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Saturnina order

Deep in the Haran's Fields located in the Empire of Dercia, there exists a secret order called Saturnina order. Not much is known about the order except that their face towards the outside world is that of an old man clad in armour that has not been used for centuries in the Dercian military. The old man only comes into contact with the rest of the world when he enters the local village every week to buy supplies for his organisation.    The Saturnina order has existed since people began to return to what became known as the Haran´s Fields. When they saw the devastation the event had brought to the area, they concluded that a primordial fire deity had done the entire thing. Over the centuries, they have constructed hidden temples and catacombs where they conduct rituals to keep the fire deity from returning.   While the principle of the order is noble, and if they told the surrounding world, they would likely be supported in their endeavour, the order believes that the rituals need to be conducted in secret. If too many people began helping in the rituals, the fire deity would notice and wake up, and Haran´s fields would begin their expansion again. Due to this, the order has attracted a number of people with the Kolabella ability.   But due to the secrecy of the order, they have not been able to tell that during one of the expansions of their main temples, they discovered something that could be much worse than the reawakening of the fire deity because, underneath their temple, the order found the nest of a sleeping elder dragon that just by the size of the scales are estimated to be gigantic.
Founding Date
Unknown, at least 1500 years ago
Civilian, Knightly Order
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