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Haran's Fields

Haran's Fields is the name given to an ancient event that is said to have helped along with The Emerald Comet to rush in the fall of the Ancient Empire.   According to scholars, Haran's Fields were formed when a massive supervolcano erupted and didn't stop for several centuries covering an enormous area with slow but steady magma. The region that is now known as Haran's Fields was said to have been a beautiful place with plenty of green fields and dense forests, and while, according to records, the region was used to the occasional volcanic eruption but the eruption that formed what is now Haran's Fields were unlike anything ever seen before in the history of the continent.   Scholars report that ancient texts talk about large rifts opening up and molten rock flowing out of these rifts. At first, locals thought it would stop after a few days, but the days turned to weeks and the weeks to years, and it didn't show any sign of stopping. Within a decade, the cataclysmic event spans the molten rock stretching as far as eyes could see, while slow-moving consumed forests, villages, and fertile farmlands.   After several centuries, the molten rock stopped spreading, and once it had solidified enough to walk on, the exploration of this hell on earth began. People found that charred and twisted trees were still standing within this vast expanse, almost haunting, with their dark and blackened branches almost reaching for the sky. Today the area has recovered, or at least nature has reclaimed the land and trees and grasses, and animals have returned to the Fields. Yet, the land remains treacherous and unstable, concealing hidden chasms beneath a fragile crust.   Legends will have it that underneath Haran's Fields, there is a dormant power that is both ancient and powerful and that its very essence is intertwined with this land. Some even say that it was this power that created those fields of molten rock all those centuries ago.

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9 Jul, 2023 18:27

I would be absolutely terrified to accidentally set the lava flowing again. The fact it was slow moving makes it even more horrifying, you know?

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
9 Jul, 2023 20:54

oh yeah, just a slow-moving "wall" of terror