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The Nilid People

The Nilid people are a group of elves, that once lived all across the land where the Principality of Clifia is today. The Nilid had lived in the area for thousands of years while the ancient empire wherein control of the land, once the empire fell and got replaced by the Principality of Clifia, much of their history before their exodus is almost a complete mystery. The Nilid is a people who are very much in tune with nature and their villages are normally placed in or near forests.   It was during the continent-spanning agricultural disaster of the year 785-789 were at that time the ruler of the Principality were looking for someone to blame for the disaster, and because the Nilid people were doing relatively well compared to the other people around them because of their relationship with the nature and how they worked the land and forests, their area was hit in a lesser degree than other areas, the choice then fell on them and between 785-791 the Nilid were hunted and their homes destroyed.   During these years that the major emigrations began and the people were spread throughout the continent with a lot of them ending up in the Empire of Dercia where they made cities like Pearlhal and Arbores their homes, on the other side the Nilid ended up in cities as far away as Zekid.


Major language groups and dialects

Common, Elvish

Culture and cultural heritage

The Nilid elves had no real interest in the arcane but placed more value on non-magic practices, they viewed magic as a means to control the natural world and it went against the common ethic of living in harmony with nature.   After the Exodus, they evolved a very strong adventures drive so it is not uncommon to see a Nilid wandering around in the wild.

Common Dress code

Natural colours are common together with fur coats.

Art & Architecture

Nilid elves did their best to make sure that their towns and villages had the least amount of impact on the nature around them, their homes were normally made out of stones taken from the area around them and trees that had fallen over in storms.   in some areas where the forests allowed it, they would instead of using stone, build their homes in the trees connected by bridges.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

The newborn will be taken to the nearby forest where it and its parents would spend a day or two (depending on the local customs) and it would be given its name during this time.

Coming of Age Rites

As well as with the baptismal rites the local customs differ but the most common is that the kid will have to hunt and slay either a deer or boar.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The dead will be buried at the edge of the local forest and tree sap will be planted on top so they can be part of the forest again.

Common Taboos

Magic, except for magic that would improve their archery


Beauty Ideals

the more colourful hair, the more attractive a member of the nilid people tends to be seen as.

Relationship Ideals

The Nilids relationships are very often polyamorous with up to several people living together.

Major organizations

Empire of Dercia, Kingdom of Kistals and Zadad


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