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Aloc people

The Aloc people were originally part of the The Nilid People but when the Nilid went towards the Empire of Dercia the Aloc then went the other way and walked east until they came to the Tusmait region.   Before they could get to what would be their future home, they were stopped by some local nobles who were afraid that the newcomers would settle down in their land and cause trouble or worse, take their power. So therefore the Aloc people were forced to fight their way towards the mountains that the locals never went into so for the Aloc it seemed as the most safe space.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Nightlash, Bladeforest, Skulldrifter


Major language groups and dialects

Common, Elvish, Aloc dialect.

Culture and cultural heritage

The Aloc people have a strong warrior culture and have defended their region from the outsiders for several hundred years.

Common Dress code

The dress code depends on how much contact the tribe has with the surrounding world, some tribes only use clothes that they can make out of what they can hunt or make out of plants. Whereas other tribes, those who have a more constant contact with the people outside the Tusmait region tend to have clothes that are more similar to the outsiders.

Art & Architecture

Most of the tribes build their home out of timber, but a few tribes if they can get their hands on enough stone will instead buy their homes out of that.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

The newborn kid will be named after a local animal that seems to fit the personality of the newborn.

Coming of Age Rites

The kid that is coming of age will be similar to their cousins in The Nilid People where they will go on a hunt alone and hopefully come home with a fitting kill.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The dead will be taken to an edge of a cliff and a burial pyre will be constructed and the body will thereafter be placed on the pyre.


Relationship Ideals

Some of the cultur aspects that the Aloc people have maintained are like the polyamorous relationships of The Nilid People
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