Carrier Falcons

While the carrier pigeon is the most common means to transport messages between people when magic is not available and can do this with a decent amount of speed, it is not uncommon to find people who are part of the imperial family or military to use falcons to carry their messages. This tradition goes far back, and it is said that the reason for this is that a legionnaire noticed how one of their carrier pigeons was hunted and killed by a falcon after they had released the pigeon. Hence, the soldier thought that if the army could train the falcons to carry the messages instead of the pigeons, they would no longer be at risk of losing important messages.   Over the following decades and centuries, special breeds of falcons were bred to carry messages. These would generally be the same size as the normal falcons but could fly further and faster than these. The biggest advantage these new falcons had was their ability to fly up to 1000 kilometres in a day if started early, compared to the normal falcons with a range of 500 kilometres.   The system of carrier falcons works such as there are two falcons that typically are mates, and then one falcon is placed in one station and the other in another station, and then messages will be carried between these two. However, it is not unknown that someone has been able to send a message to some outside this postal system by simply telling the falcon to search for the person. In this case, only half of the reason for how this work is understood, this part being that the falcon has bonded with said person and likes the person, much in the similar way a cat or dog's favourite person might not be the owner, but how the falcon finds the person is not understood so far.  

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Incubation period averages 35 days, with the chicks hatching at a weight of around 52 grams

Growth Rate & Stages

From the bird hatched to is ready to leave the parents, it takes five to six months and reaches maturity around a year after hatching.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Used to carry messages.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Falcons that the Carrier falcons is the domesticated version of can be found mostly in Dercia with rare individuals being found in other places such as Clifia. Carrier falcons can only be found in Dercia.

Average Intelligence

Generally considered to be of the same intelligence as a dog.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
15-20 years
Conservation Status
Very common
Average Height
Male: 50-63 cm long   Female: 55-70 cm long
Average Weight
Male: Weight: 1500-1800 grams   Female Weight: 1600-1900 grams
Average Length
Male: Wingspan 110-140 cm   Female: Wingspan: 120-160 cm
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The most common colour is brown to dark brown, also called black falcons, with rare colours being white and light brown, known as golden falcons.
Related Ethnicities
Notable falcons:
Ira´s Victricia is a white carrier falcon.


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