The story of Eco

The story of Eco is the prophecy that began to surface shortly after the Kingdom of Kistals had taken the last stronghold on the home islands of the Rodesse   The prophecy is said to have first been heard in the small fishing village Kelna that had a relatively large population of Rodesse origin.   the prophecy have been used as a mean of recruitment of the rebel forces still present on the islands fighting against the invaders but it is also used as mean by the older generations to remind their young ones who might never have grown up or been to islands about their lost home and for them to keep the memory alive.   Even if the prophecy has a lot of cultural value among a lot of the Rodesse people an equal amount just sees it as an old fairy tale told by the losing side in a war that is long over.


It is said that once the time is right a young Rodesse  leader will enter into the mountain of fire on their home island and will wake the sleeping god said to have its home there, from there with the help of their god the Rodesse will unite once more and drive the invading Kistilians out into the sea.


The story of Eco is common knowledge for the urban population and their surroundings.

Variations & Mutation

There are not that many variations of the story, those there differ mainly around how bloody it will be.

Cultural Reception

For the Kingdom of Kistals  it is not that widespread but when someone is caught in talking about it they are likely to be put in jail as a means to limit the spread of the prophecy.   For the Rodesse it's more complicated, some see it as the purpose of their people while others see it more as an old story the old ones tell their kids.

In Art

A few books have been writtin about it.
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