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Sovereign Nimkay Yaen

Lord Nimkay is the fifth Sovereign to be elected to the highest executive office in the Kazed System government. Born to the Founding House of Yaen, Nimkay has long been a driven man. Growing up during the tense reigns of Sovereigns Kamu Bayeh and his predecessor Beshbu Zma'ev, Nimkay desired to help his House and his fellow Kvukri of Kazed bring an end to the painful Tmezin-Iluyod House War. He in fact was elected primarily on that very promise, to end the war as well as refocus the realm in expanding its infrastructure.   Nimkay believed that the only way to end the war was to strengthen the power of the Sovereign against the Noble Houses and, to a lesser degree, the Conclave. The position of Sovereign was a mostly ceremonial role before Nimkay. He argued that since the Conclave and Houses were unable to end the war, only the Sovereign was left with the power to do so. He also invoked a desire to bring his position to parity with the High King of all Kvukri back on the Homeworld. Combined, Nimkay was able to sway many Houses eager to end the war in a new way, since the other paths failed miserably.   Nimkay was not blind to the possibility of abuse of power that a strengthened Sovereign could wield and thus arranged to create a consitution to limit both the Sovereign and the Conclave so that a repetition of the Tmezin-Iluyod War wouldn't happen again (much of this would be hammered out after the war).   Before his time as Sovereign, Nimkay worked under Mi'u'il Iyah, a mentor of his, in various duties out of Gemke Station (including some scout and charting runs around the moons of Tzamtzo). Nimkay would switch to politics after opposing crews of Iluyod and Tmezin ships fought each other openly on Gemke Station.


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Here's the pronunciation guide: Nimkay: Neem-kay (rhymes with eye) Yaen: ya-en Kazed: ka-zed Kamu: ka-muu Bayeh: ba-yeh Beshbu: besh-buu Zma’ev: zma-ev Kvukri: kvuu-kree Tmezin: tme-zeen Iluyod: ii-luu-yod Mi’u’il: mee-uu-eel Iyah: ee-yah Gemke: gem-ke (the g should sound like game, not gem) Tzamtzo: tsam-tso (the tz has the same sound of the ts in cats)

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