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Aurelius the Wise

Imperator Aulrelius Son of Veras (a.k.a. The Wise, Spear of Vatia,)

Before House Aurelius ruled over us, there was one man who bared that name who would guide our people from the darkness and reforge us into the power we are today.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Hero of Vatia

  Aurelius is considered to be one of the greatest leaders that the Vatians had ever seen as his efforts would turn the small city-state of Vatia into a powerful growing nation and would reorganizing the military in what would later become the legions of both the kingdom of Vatia and later Vatian Empire through his own book known as the Codex Legionis that would create the first real military force in the Western Lands. His countless campaigns and strategic mind would defend Vatia from invasion and conquer many neighboring lands to grow its power. Much of his early life records have been lost due to the Sacking of Vatia, with only his later life being left to remember him by. Still, his military career and influence over the city would make him one of the most powerful men in it, and he would use it to serve his people so they could prosper in a world of war and savagery.   Many of his exploits are told through chroniclers as he fought to serve his people and crush all those that dared oppose him. Very few could rival his genius as he brought wild lands into the control of the city for its population to expand. While he was not fighting, he spread a philosophical view on his beliefs that his people should be, and many would listen to him, with many of these views being held today by present-day Vatians. Making him loved by his men and his people as he brought them victory and wealth that they had never achieved. Ensuring they were rewarded with land to live on and slaves to serve them as he continued to expand the city's borders. Eventually, he would retire from his military campaigns and serve as a city leader to improve life at home and ensure that all were given far rights.  

Rise of an Empire

  Aurelius would not be without enemies far and close to home, as his popularity grew for every victory he gained. But is, his disgust for the rich and power was not secret as they abused their power to benefit themselves while the people suffered. With his position as Imperator, he would use his power to reform the city's government. This would lead the upper class to despise them and plan for his death, and they would do so while he was on the city council and unarmed. Many would draw daggers and begin to stab him, but to their surprise, he fought back ferociously, killing many with his bare hand and arming himself with one of their daggers as he began killing any that fought him as the rest finally fled. Despite his wounds, he went after them trying to stop them from escaping to pay for this betrayal. But he eventually realized that his injuries were fatal and were not long for this world and collapsed in the hall. He would soon see his son Laius at his side, rushing in to help his father, but even he knew it was too late for him. He made his son vow to save the city from the tyrants that ruled over it and died satisfied knowing that his son would succeed.   After his death, the whole city would call for the heads of his remaining killer, and Laius would begin taking over the government and remove the leadership one by one in a bloody coup. With the backing of the city, he would be victorious and have sole rule over the city, and would ensure that his father would have proper burials that the public was allowed to join. He would later proclaim himself king and form House Aurelius naming it after his father. From his death, the Kingdom of Vatia was founded, and his blood would later create the Vatian Empire, one of the greatest empires ever to live. His name forever lives on through his people and teaching, still being followed to this day by the Imperial Legions that considered him the father of their military.
1327 BCA 1273 BCA 54 years old
Circumstances of Death
Place of Death
Short black hair
189 lbs

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