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The World of Terus has always been unique in its own aspect. From the tundras of Norria to the Savannas of the Dark Continent . It was once so peaceful before the races came and used the land as they pleased. They took what they wanted and stole what they didn’t have. The gods that they worshipped were no better either for they cared only for their domains and the power that was given to them. You could say that this all started long before any of this happened, back to an age that time has completely forgotten. Back when the War of Armageddon tore the world asunder and cleaned the slate. It would later bring about the rise of the new gods that came after and waged war to keep their power. But that is for another time.   As for the mortal races that inhabit this world, they are scattered and divided. Their mouths speak different tongues and their societies take this way and that. They turn on one another and they follow their faiths and beliefs to their full extent. But there are those among them who see differently than the rest of their peoples. Those who would go against the current that is destiny to bring forth something different into the world instead of the same old routine over and over again. There may be hope for them yet if they don’t kill each other first that is.   Listen to all and listen well to all who here read these words, for what is written here are the lives of those who came before our time. The lives of those who struggle and those who prospered in a time of conflict and change. For if not for them we may not be where are today. Here lie their struggles and here lie their dreams. Here lie their imperfections and here lie their sins. Written here are those who sought redemption and revenge. Those who sought salvation and answers. Those who sought justice and freedom. Those who sought peace and destruction. The men and women written here are those who did what was thought impossible, possible. Now learn of their lives and share their burdens as you journey a world of wonder and danger. For as long as words are spoken, they will forever be remembered in the Sagas.