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Dark Continent

"Welcome to the unkown" - Seon Kila Vesen, explorer


THe dark contient is consider a place full danger and mystery to those foreign to it. Depending on where you are you might either be in dense jungles, sorching wastes, or vast savannas as far as the eye can see. Their tend to been some areas that have some hills but they are often either separate or bunched together in small areas. Then their are some very large mountains as well with the largest being the Wudaar (hand of fate) the can be seen many miles away.

Natural Resources

Mineral are rare to find in these lands, making metals much more valuable here. But as for the rest of it, the contient is abundent in food, both plants and animals. The native often use the what hey can from these thing to create weapons, armor and buildings to get on with there lives
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