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Wanderer's Post

Wed, Oct 27th 2021 05:31

Where to Go and What to Know?

Sun, Oct 31st 2021 02:51
If you are reading this then you enjoy my work and are willing to listen to what I have to say. I am starting to reach a point where I want to know what to see in the Sagas as I have made many large areas that have been filled in for you dear readers to understand the scope of the world entirely. But considering the madness that dwells in my head, I simply do not know where to go. The ideas are there and I have a good idea of what to write, but I do not know where to start so I am going to leave it up to you to see what you want to experience. Think of it like the blue pill and the red pill, just pick what you think should be explored next and I will get the ball rolling because believe me once starts it's going to be hard to stop. So here are your choices that will decide where things will go at this point.   1. Ancient history, explore the time before the current age as well delves into the nations and groups that influenced and events that would raise their power and send them into ruin.   2. Regions, continents to grassy fields there are so many places to see such as the Dark Continent, Norria and Davad Archipelago are to name a few.   3. Characters, many people have made their mark on the world and some made their mark or simply just become a footnote that will only be mentioned by those who read about them.   4. Current Events, rather than dealing with the past, the current state of the world seems to be on everyone's mind and the future seems uncertain at this point as conflict seems inevitable once more.   5. Lore, delve into the cultures, customs, and knowledge that the world has to offer for those who are willing to seek it out.   Please be sure to leave your comments below to receive the best experience for you all, good luck