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Western Lands



Vakra Hills: A region of hills and rocky terrain and deep valleys that span for miles. Along with being rich in minerals and metals that is used to forge the best tools and weapons around. It is a place that only the strong and enduring can survive in this harsh environment where food is difficult to grow. Which is why the Vakra clans prove themselves worth living here.
Great Forest cover
Great Forest: The oldest forest in the west and predates long before any Human nations ever rose. It is a place that has been trapped in time as the ancient ways of Humans of old have survived and flourished from several millennia of isolation. But it also contains the horror and mysteries as well as it is a place dark and ancient things that should not be disturbed. Ascar Plains: Endless fields that make up large rolls of farmland across it. Here much of the food that is grown here feeds most of the west as the open space and warm weather make it easier for plants to grow. Farmland is all that is ever used for as very few resources can be found in these lands. But stone and marble is abundant deep underground making quarries also common to find here as well. It is the homeland of the Vatian people.
Mirelands: Marsh lands that are impossible to traverse by normal means as this often traps everything that steps into the water. Often sinking and drowning them the more they struggle to get out of it. It is also known for its man eating fish that stalk the waters and hunt anything that they can catch. But many animals often managed to survive here by being fast and evasive knowing where the land is solid and where they can sink into it. Here the Kurdel cans often make their home here by building boats and homes above the water. Heart Wood: The second largest forest in the west and one of the diverse as it is full of every type of tree imaginable. It is also one of the few places that have been untouched by civilization where wildlife is dominant in the region. Causing unique natural resources to flourish to create certain materials that cant be found anywhere else in the west. Most settlements that are built here are built underground to better protection and to avoid harming the environment. This due to the Trent people that safeguard these lands as their traditions demand it. Hyperian Isles: A series of islands that reside bordering the southern coast. Many of them are small and offer only a few resources besides fish. But the largest of the three islands, Hyperia, Voltas and Toren are the most populated and most plentiful in resources. But the native, the Hyperions who make their home there only use the resources in small amounts at a time and have lived a maritime way of life. Often seeking resources out at sea where they are endless. Marine life and other natural resources are where the real wealth is as it is considered highly valuable and exotic as it is not seen anywhere else. But there are dangers here as well as seasonal storms and larger sea creatures have been known to send ships to a watery grave. Ardania: The name of the lands south beyond the Great Forest. The land is plentiful in herbs, wood and metals. The region itself is a mixed bag as even though it's mostly open fields it is covered in hills and forests. Allowing the people to be able to have access to a large variety of resources that are harder to find in other regions of the west. It is also one of the most populated regions due to the fact that the Great Forest isolates them from the rest of the west and the abundance of resources have allowed the population grow far larger than most. Here the Ardanians have stayed in their lands for thousands of years for many generations with no thought of moving. River Roads: A series of rivers that converge with one lake known as the Lake of Crossings, creating a vast network of waterways that led to several different areas at a time. Making it a place often used people to travel about by boat to get where they needed to faster. It is often used for trade in the region as merchants often use them to carry large amounts of goods when heading someplace. Some people live here as well, often fishermen as the region is plentiful in fish and sometimes even farmers as the water rejuvenates the soil for crops to be grown indefinitely. But there are only a few places that can actually support a settlement as the flood season sees the rivers overflow and have been known to sweep entire settlements away in flash floods. Which is why they are often built on large hills where the floods cannot reach them. Spine Ridge Mountains: A massive and treacherous mountain range that divides the Western Lands and Eastern Lands. It is difficult to traverse through and very few travel through it. Only the brave and the foolish dare travel through it in the attempt to cross to the other side of the continent on a journey that could last weeks.It is also home to mountain barbarians that manage to survive in the harsh cold climate. It's best to avoid them as they are not the most social when it comes to outsiders. Horselands: Named for its population of wild horses, hills and grass can be found as far as the eye can see. Not much can be found out there but grass and trees. But large rock formations are where settlements are built inside and around them of creating thriving towns and cities. Farms are small in number as animal herds often trample through them. Making those who rely here to live a hunting lifestyle as other large animals live here that can feed dozens of people. The horses that live here are often captured as they the best riding mounts on the continent. Here the Ferosian people have mastered the art of horsemanship. Geltren Grasslands: Tall grass dominates the landscape as far as the eye can see. It is rich in game and can support livestock in the hundreds. But it is also a dangerous place as many predators roam the grass in search of food, along with brush fires that often come yearly during the long summer months. Causing the people there to live a nomadic lifestyles as they seasons change to protect their herds. Often living in earthwork buildings that they often use seasonally when they travel. Thundering Coast: A harsh coastal region that has been known for its storms that come from the Northern Sea that have been said to last for days on end. But this harsh weather is not the worst of it as the cold winds of the north often blow all years round, often hardening the ground and making it impossible to farm with only plants that are adapted to the cold can grow. Farther inland the rains keep the land wet and rich for food to be grown. The area has also been plagued by raiders and pirates of centuries as well. Under Root: A vast network of underground tunnels that were built by Gnome long ago. These tunnels can be found all across the west, but due to them being lost and abandoned after the Beastmen invasion there is no telling what down there. Let alone safe as the tunnels could collapse at any moment as no one has been maintaining them for thousands of years. But many believe that untold riches and resources can be found in them and have gone into them to see how far the tunnels actually go, with only a few ever returning to tell what they had found. Many say that they lead to caverns deep within and often keep to themselves of what they have often because people think they're crazy or that something is best not to be told.  


Vatian Empire: The sole nation of Humans that exists in theses lands. A beckon of culture and civilization across it. But it's possible that won't remain like that for much longer, as civil unrest and corruption can be seen across all corners of the empire. With only the might of its military holding the tide of chaos at bay from total destruction.


Brief History

A land that is lush and fertile, but has a long history of conflict and bloodshed. Thousands of years ago it was once ruled by the Elven Empire and peace reigned between all races that lived there. Then the Beastmen came from the dying lands of east and conflict erupted when the Elves refused them in giving them land. A great war soon came and Beastmen burned down the forests that covered the land at the time and drove the Elves across the sea. The Beastmen would rule the west for the next thousand years. Then Humans would then rise up to oppose them as The First Kingdom of Men waged war with them for centuries in the Beast War. Humans would eventually win the war and drive the Beastmen into hiding in the Great Forest where they remain to this day. But the kingdom would collapse soon after a centuries of war crippled it and the land would be divided into a hundred kingdoms. Humanity has become the dominant power, but now their lust for power has driven them to destroy one another. It has been going on like this for thousands of years and it still continues now. But the nations of Humanity have risen and fallen from time to time, but no matter how much time passes it all remains the same. For a land that could nurture and care for all who live in it, blood instead spilled into its soil as conflict continues across it.
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The West, Western Kineth
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There many cultures that exists across these lands with having some influence while other ones have died out they have managed to endure.
  • Hyperion
  • Rovari
  • Oberem

Human Supremacy

Humans have long since ruled these lands for thousands of years as the other races that once ruled over them have either fled or have been wiped out. Giving the west all to themselves without any other opposition to fight against them. But now they are often at each others throats for any number of reasons and conflict ensues when dipolmacy fails. This has always been same old story and will continue to be so as long as they are in charge. But it doesnt mean they wont try to wipe out any other races that reamain that would be considered a threat to them. As all human do the same thing, what they do not understand, they seek to destroy.      

Life of the Average

"All that I want in life is a roof over my head and three meals a day. - A poor peasant"
Life the for the average person as they are just trying to get by in life and only caring about themselves rather then dealing with politics of the regions they live in. Mostly because they have no real power in the affairs of state and let nobles and politicians do what's best for them. Many go doing the same thing they raised into till the day they die as it is all they know. With only a few people who are bold enough to ever travel the land seeking adventure.  

Life of the Powerful

"We were are born to rule over the people because they are unable to decide what best for them and live in ingnorance of it is truly bliss." - Arrogant Nobleman
Nobles and Statesmen are real people that are in charge of how life works as they paln and scheme to acheive their goals while living lives of luxary of the people. Wars are started by them and the people suffer because of it. Though their are a few good one that try to make life better for the people, most of them are only in it for themselves and advance themselves in life.  

History of War

Wars often happen here in either a short period of time or after a long lasting peace. When one place is at peace, blood is being spilt in another place. There have been many conflicts both minor and major that have shape these lands to what they are today as books and tale have been told about them. becoming masters of the art of war as they have improved themselves as they have improved ways of killing each other.  

Built Upon Ruins

Nations have risen and fallen over the past several millenia, with each one leaving behind a little bit of itself for those that come after them to remember them by. Wether they were conquerered and collapsed beacuse of something elses does not matter as it resources have been picked clean by those whos desire power. As it is all collected to advance those that remain to become more powerful then ever before as they thrive on their accomplishments.


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