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Never have there have and race so beautiful and fair, but as cursed and tormented as well. - Ormar Seroti, Scholar

Basic Information


They are tall and thin humanoids that have the most amazing reflexes and speed that has even been seen in this world.

Biological Traits

Elves are mostly know for their pointy ears and slim bodies. Eye colors are the same with humans except some have purple eyes and hairs colors range are the same as humans except for some being born with white hair. Dexterity is also extremely high to as point that do not tire until a half an hour has past. They are also know to be excellent wielders of magic as well.

Genetics and Reproduction

Elves reproduce heterosexually, but pregnancy is much longer than most race with gestation taking two months and pregnancy alone lasting up to two years! Making elves longer to reproduce at this time.

Growth Rate & Stages

Elves grow about the same age as a human and they once they reach adulthood they do not change for thousands of years.

Ecology and Habitats

Elves prefer forests, plains, and valleys as ideal habitats to live in.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Their diet consists of fruits and other plant materials. They often do this by foraging and farming. Meat is some time eaten as well.

Biological Cycle

Elves are unaffected by time.

Additional Information

Social Structure

hierarchy structures an seen through elvish societies

Facial characteristics

Flawless bone structure and skin, but can not grow facial hair.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Elve where originally from the Continent of Kinath until they moved the Continent of Dageth and some finding their way to the Isles of Refuge.

Average Intelligence

Since elves do not age they accumulate larger amounts of knowledge over time and improve upon it as time goes by.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Elves have always the keenest of sight and they can hear things from miles away, magic can enhance this as well.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Ailre Ravanorin, Syllia Nortris, Folas Genris, Ailred Yesqen, Erlan Oriro, Alais Heikian, Haramara Morxina

Beauty Ideals

Due their flawless appearances elves do see anything ugly about themselves, but the often bathe and keep their hair long and clean.

Gender Ideals

Differs Between Races

Courtship Ideals

Differs between races

Relationship Ideals

Differ between races

Average Technological Level

Differs between races

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Elvish, Shindari, Widali, Grey Tongue

Common Etiquette Rules

Differs between races

Common Dress Code

Differs between races

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Differs between races

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Differs between races

Common Taboos

Differs between races


The Elves are considered one of the oldest of races that have existed world, but they where never the first to walk Terus. Legend goes that the Elves live among the other races that existed before they went extinct, with some Elves learning their knowledge to improve their lives. After that the Elves became a great people in the western lands of Kineth that was cover by forest entirely. During this time they build a massive empire and lived in harmony with the other races that lived in the forests. War was quite uncommon during this these times since they tolerated the Gnomes , Dryads and Humans that lived among them. But the Elves would always be prepared for conflict since they often battle the unnatural creations of the Forsaken Gods and played a vital role in banishing them to the Forsaken Realm where they remain to this day. The Elven Empire would last for thousands of years before completely collapsing from the arrival of the Beastmen. The Elves saw them as nothing more than abominations or creation and caste them out, this would lead to full scale conflict. Though their fellow races aided them in their defense, they were no match for the savagery and brutality of the Beastmen who vowed to wipe them out and burn all of their creations. Their people facing extinction and their forest burned to the torch they were forced to flee their ancestral land and crossed the Ildaren Ocean where they could not be followed. The Great Migration had began across the land, but not all would follow them with those living in the north finding their way to the what is now the Isles of Refuge. As they left they looked back to see their home land once more since many would never see it again. Who knows how long it took them to travel across the ocean for as time went on many perished on the journey alone and their numbers demising one by one. Until finally they found their new home on the Continent of Dageth. There they would make they would rebuild their people for a time together. They would also meet the sole rules of Dageth at the time, the Dwarves . At the time they thought of the Elves as insignificant and let them be and let them take the forests and plains and for a time their was peace. But for the Elves their unity was slowly shattering as soon as they set foot on land. Many groups wanted to decide what path of life they wanted to take, especially since they soon discovered the art of magic during their time on land. Decades went by and they argued and bickered with one another and soon enough a war broke out known as the War of Light and Dark. After decades of war, the Elves that took part in it were alter with the creation of the High Elves and the Shadow Elves. Along with the creation of the Wild Elves and the Snow Elves. This who be know as the Great Schism as these new races would scatter across the land and remain divided against one another. In the Isles of Refuge the Elves there would simply be known as Jungle Elves. Time went on the last of the true Elves faded away and their unity was forever shattered. As time past these groups would tolerate on another for the sake of peace and others would wage war over meaningless grudges. Eventually they even began warring with the Dwarves as well. Which often lead to massive death tolls on both sides. This would go on for centuries, until the arrival of the Orcs from an unknown place hidden from the world. Many Elves where enslaved and killed during this time and all parties both Elf And Dwarf set aside their differences to drive them back and free their lands. This would bring about an uneasy truce between all sides and fragile peace has remained. But the Elves where on their own their own for they would contently be fighting Orcs and their allies the Trolls and Ogres from time to time. This was their world now and theirs alone.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Elves believe themselves to be surrounded by enemies on all sides with Dwarves and the Black Blooded races as their biggest threats. As for Humans in it is still to be determined since little contact has been made.
Scientific Name
Class: Sentient
Conservation Status
Elves have always been able to have high numbers
Average Height
5.3 – 6 ft males, 5.0 – 5.7ft females
Average Weight
130 – 170 lbs male,110 – 150 lbs
Average Physique
Due to their biology they can only reach a certain amount of muscle, making them not the strongest of race and usually rely on speed and agility to suit their needs.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Most elves have creamy skin.


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